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The Importance of Career Training & Development

These days, the importance of career training and development cannot be underestimated for growth and continued success.

To further our personal and professional goals, we need to engage on a journey as lifelong learners. In a Certified Work-Life Strategist course that I had taken, I learned that we living, learning, and working are all intertwined. Work-life integration is a leading trend rather than work-life balance. This means identifying our strengths, translating weaknesses into learning opportunities, and tracking our progress. Career training and development is about investing in yourself and your brand. It involves consistent development, networking, and maintaining a solid LinkedIn presence.

Job search has changed significantly and the world of work keeps evolving. Remote positions have significantly increased in the past year. The resume continues to represent a vital tool for brand marketing for employers and recruiters. However, there are more brand marketing tools that you can incorporate into your portfolio besides the résumé that are equally important, such as customized cover letters, biography, LinkedIn, networking résumé, and more. In fact, employers or recruiters will tend to view a candidate's LinkedIn profile before they even read their résumé. But that doesn't mean that you can skip out on the résumé! Note also that job search is not linear these days and a hidden job market based approach is highly effective. Remember that 80% of job opportunities are not posted online.

I have a passion for career training and development. That being said, I have created a few career-related courses (Complete Job Search Action Program/Lit, LinkedIn Success Course) and am working on creating more tools to help you further your career knowledge and growth. In 2020, I developed the Job Search Vault to introduce jobseekers to a wide array of career resources, tools, tips, and news so they can stay updated and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic labour market.

Recently, Creative Horizons Communications has earned the Diamond Award for Best Career Training & Development by Readers' Choice Hamilton Community News.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has voted and inspiring me to keep making a difference each day. I am honoured to work with each client and to partner with career professionals to keep serving jobseekers across the globe.

If you have any questions or want to offer constructive feedback, please email For more information about my career services, please contact Lori Jazvac @ 905-730-2374.

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