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Canada Career Month: Time to Celebrate the Importance of Meaningful Work

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

During the month of November, Canadians nationwide embrace the value of accessing meaningful work and connecting with those who are deeply passionate about this topic. Welcome to Canada Career Month!

We need to spread the word not just throughout November, but throughout the entire year. Ever since I entered the private career development sphere in 2013, I have continued to drive my vision and mission -- to support jobseekers globally to realize their passion and purpose and to further their career goals.

As a career transition coach, I have witnessed all kinds of career transitions, from simple to complex and multi-barrier. We are each in need of career development and growth as well as healing throughout our career development journey. Today, our careers are rarely linear. Career development has become more and more important over the years due to the complex factors involved that impact our career growth. We know that change happens rapidly, impacting both our personal and professional goals and life paths.

Thus, I have helped thousands of professionals gain better access to career services and education so that all Canadians are better prepared to develop careers and transition into the emergent labour market.

Canada Career Week

Canada Career Week takes place between November 1st and 10th. The objective is to emphasize how career development changes everything. Videos or written stories can be submitted on the Career Share Wall and via social media #AMPLIFIER2023 Stories.

Why Career Development Matters

Career development is important because it serves as a catalyst for change, employee growth, and satisfaction. Career development can increase motivation, productivity, retention, employee engagement, and skills. When we, as career professionals, support our jobseeking clients with career development, they perform better in the workplace, are better equipped to handle challenges, and become more efficient.

When employers offer career development opportunities to employees, companies are known to retain top talent, maintain a competitive advantage, and enhance the overall workplace environment.

Some helpful ideas for professionals to deploy during Canada Career Week:

- Utilize social media

- Write an article on LinkedIn or for publication

- Conduct an interview with local media

- Post a free resource or tip sheet on your website and social media

- Create short videos on topics of interest for clients

- Host a virtual workshop or webinar (invite guests to share their insights)

- Host hotlines or open calls to support those in need on social media platforms.

- Create an online challenge - 5 day Job Search Challenge

- Foster community engagement by collaborating with local organizations and schools to raise awareness and drive opportunities for career development and advancement

- Volunteer your services at a community-funded event

- Share resources and books

- Read various articles on prominent career association websites such as CERIC and CPC.

- Volunteer your services at a community-funded event

- Enrol in courses, webinars, conferences, or formal/informal training related to career development

....and much more!....

Let's Talk...

** During Canada Career Month, I am committed to sharing more resources, news, and tips on social media with my fellow career professionals and jobseekers.

** I will be hosting 15-minute Open Calls from my office on Monday, Thursday, and Friday mornings from 9 a.m. until 12 noon for any jobseekers wanting to learn more about my career services -- starting the week of November 13th -- through November 30th.

** I invite you to invest in my two e-books on Amazon:

** I also offer various courses through my website and through LearnFormula.

Regardless of our career goals or career paths, we each can become significant contributors to spreading the word about career development. Career development, in my view, helps us to grow, learn, and become more aware of the current career development and labour market trends. It helps us to learn more about ourselves, our passions, and how we can rechannel our interests, brand, and drive our vision and mission to building stronger and brighter, more prosperous communities.

I personally invite you to contact me at 905-730-2374 or email me via to share with me your career stories and experiences. Your career satisfaction and values matter. Let's take this next step to become more aware of the issues that impact us today concerning career development.

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