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My Career Shift: How I Became a Professional Resume Writer & Career Coach

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

I often get asked how I became a professional résumé writer. What seems like a significant transition from my earlier administrative career, now feels like a natural bridge of my strengths, experience, and values. Yet, at the time, I was still putting the pieces of my career story together to make sense.

In 2008, the recession was in full force and changes had been impacting the labour market for quite some time. Although remote work was already surfacing along with the prospect of exploring new opportunities, I never thought about working remotely or for myself. Yet, the idea of really doing something I enjoyed kept calling me to make a shift.

After undergoing a second downsizing in an administrative role, I realized that the universe was trying to tell me something. I was neglecting my authentic purpose and my calling. Clearly, it marked a time for change and there was more value that I had needed to uncover.

It was time to think creatively and visualize a new career horizon!

Ironically, this motto became the brand statement for my business that inspired clients far and wide to reach for their dreams!

That year, I realized career transitions are rarely linear. What started off as the question: "What should or could I do next with my career?" fuelled a long, unpredictable career journey involving exploration and deep self-reflection. Throughout my university studies, I engaged in the arts, creative writing, business, humanities, and social sciences. But the social sciences intrigued me the most. These subjects helped me understand the meaning of life, what drives people's passions, how people think, and what fuels growth and success. These subjects allowed me to integrate psychological theories into practice with my own clients and even, personally for growth.

While completing my bachelor of arts degree, I uncovered my real passion: creative writing. However, I also wanted to make a real difference to helping people. I was able to merge my arts expertise with my HR knowledge which seemed like the perfect balance. After undergoing a few career counselling sessions with my career counsellor, an epiphany hit me that I could integrate my creative writing with coaching.

This realization paved the way for discovering and signing up with Career Professionals of Canada. After graduating in 2013, I then pursued my Certified Resume Strategist (CRS) designation and worked on honing my craft at résumé writing with this certification and year-over-year to earn my Master Certified Resume Strategist and subsequently, Master Resume Writer designation.

I learned that the résumé is not a career obituary, but an innovative brand marketing tool that every jobseekers needs to possess.

After earning this credential in August 2013, Creative Horizons Communications was launched. Passion led me to carving out a vision towards helping jobseekers globally to realize their true value and further their career goals. Initially, new graduates and entry-level professionals gravitated towards my services. I started out writing entry-level résumés and personal statements, then progressed onto supporting mid-level and senior-level executives with their diverse career development goals.

Later, I noticed even a more distinct theme with my business -- a lot of career changers contacted me, including those with barriers. So, I investigated this area in depth and then decided to specialize in career transitions coaching. While I was open to serving clients from all fields, levels, and industries, specializing in career transition coaching enabled me to leverage my career transition experience to help career changers navigate career restructurings -- an area that spoke to my experience.

I was not only a creative writer, but career intuitive, storyteller, career healer and change leader, helping each client put the pieces of their career story together.

With each client that I had coached, we uncovered the critical elements of their career story and talked about their triumphs and challenges. It was about unleashing meaning and tying their career story into their brand and unique value.

There is great healing power and transformation through the art of merging a powerful Master-level résumé strategy with career storytelling.
I am delighted to work in a field where I am able to make a tangible difference to jobseekers.

After earning accolades along with further credentials, I know that hard work, dedication, and creativity play an integral role in driving success for jobseekers. I honed my skills through taking courses, mentoring, and engaging in professional development.

The NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Coaching course with Life Potential Developments that I embarked on in 2019 enhanced my coaching strategy with clients, allowing me to envision a different perspective. Today, as I am working towards completing another certification in career storytelling -- a course offered by Career Directors International (CDI), I am becoming a better career storyteller and coach who continues to inspire jobseekers across the globe to embrace challenges with confidence.

During the 2008 recession, I was able to translate my obstacles into a fruitful opportunity to help others grow and change their life. Now, amidst a global pandemic among great uncertainty, the one thing I tell my clients is to believe in is themselves and their value, but especially, to never give up on their dreams.

Keep the dream alive and stay focused on achieving your goals! And honour your instincts. Yes, it is possible!
Affirm - Brainstorm - Create - Discover a new career horizon! This is part of my award-winning strategy.

The only thing we can count on is CHANGE-- even though it can be turbulent -- yet out of chaos evolves opportunity for healing, transformation, and innovation.

And while being an entrepreneur comes with its joys and challenges, my work reaps its rewards when I see clients moving along in their career journey with greater hope, purpose, and inspiration. It's about leveraging the never-limiting-possibilities (NLP) and raising consciousness.

For more information about how I became a professional résumé writer, please visit this link on Bridget Weide Brook's post: 10 Questions with Lori Jazvac.

Creative Horizons Communications is a one-stop, holistic, and virtual career service firm supporting jobseekers globally to tackle their next career milestone. Let us help you! Email us at:

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