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How to Stay Hopeful and Positive in 2020 and Beyond: Know You're Doing A Good Job!

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

If only we had a crystal ball that we could foresee when this whole global crisis will be behind us. My thoughts took me back to 2015 when I moved to the Halton region and the economy was progressing fine and the real estate market was quite competitive.

Now millions of people are seeking financial assistance or benefits, have lost their job, or have had their hours or pay significantly reduced. Numerous businesses have been forced to close and the only question on their minds remains: "When will we reopen and when we do, what will business look like then?" And numerous teachers, parents, and children wonder: "When will schools reopen and when they do, can we feel truly safe?"

Recently, I have had clients express how they feel their dreams or goals have been thwarted -- somehow halted by this global crisis. For many, a large part of this year and possibly the remainder feels like everything changed overnight and no one had a say or choice. Some feel that their efforts are futile due to hiring freezes, job losses, declining industries, or extremely tight competition.

If you look closely though, you will see a glimmer of hope and progression --- the curve is slowly flattening while the economy is gradually reopening. There are signs of "new life" everywhere -- we just have to choose to spot them.

How can you stay hopeful and positive amidst all this turbulence and uncertainty?

This year, let's do the best we can -- let's do our part and be thankful for all our blessings, for each day. Take time for refreshing walks and breathing in the sunshine.
Avoid seeing this year as a write-off, but make this year your year of personal transformation. Stay committed to driving positive and empowering changes.

I read a piece on Facebook that made me chuckle. There are days in quarantine that are either a toss up between deciding to indulge in a food treat and stare at squirrels outside your window or getting serious about cleaning your whole house from top to bottom with a q-tip or toothbrush.

Sometimes it feels like there is no middle! Sound familiar?

But there is hope when we choose to reflect and see little miracles.

Yet, choose how you want to navigate your days and your weeks. You have control over your thoughts, the goals you can set, and the steps you choose to take.
Tell yourself each day: You're doing a good job! (Remember the song by Alicia Keys?)
Express gratitude for your loved ones, colleagues, team members, and friends -- especially all the people and healthcare professionals who continue to sacrifice and make a true difference.

Not all days will be perfect, of course. One day you might feel a rollercoaster of emotions and another day, completely focused and ready to achieve your goals.

The key is to exercise mindfulness!

Be mindful of your thought patterns, attitudes, reactions and behaviours. When necessary, rechannel them to positive states that involve maximizing your time with tackling your next mission rather than venting and resorting to blame or helplessness.

Here are some ideas to fuel that energy into your day:

  • How about staying empowered by tackling those long-standing projects that you have been putting off since 2015?

  • Remember that can of paint in the basement you have been meaning to repaint your doors? It's still there waiting for you.

  • Do you recall the old files in your den about completing your certification sit there collecting dust. Now is the time to earn your certification!

  • How about those last 10-15 pounds that are reminding you each day to dispel if you would just hit the treadmill in the basement more often as well?

  • Whether you want to hit another bag of potato chips or hit the treadmill is up to you. Know that each choice you make from the time you wake up will determine your consequences and your outcome.

You see, opportunity lies even in the midst of chaos.

Even if you feel alone, you are not alone! We are all connected and enduring the same struggle. But everyone deals with struggles or challenges differently. Some see it as a driver of change while others see it as an obstacle course.

Perception = projection

In the meantime, trust that this situation is getting better and that each day we may be getting closer to another breakthrough. In the meantime, get prepared, which means taking those steps to set the wheels in motion for change.

Career transitions take time and need to be planned in advance. Job search does not happen overnight, and requires strategic networking and relationship building. A high-quality master-level résumé package requires considerable forethought, information gathering, and coaching. So now is the time to:

  • Wake up early and embrace your goals.

  • Stay fit, positive, and healthy.

  • Master new skills or refine existing ones.

  • Challenge yourself to approaching goals you did not previously have the courage to do. This is a real confidence booster!

  • Do what needs to be done and find virtual ways of connecting or reconnecting.

  • Get creative and unleash your talents with different projects.

If you have never worked remotely, you may just even learn to enjoy it! You may even reconsider this medium as your permanent or best way of working. In 2013, after becoming an entrepreneur, I had never thought I was going to work remotely and then it seemed to all fit into place once I started. Little did I know I was preparing for the ever-changing and future world of work.

How are you going to navigate this transition? Check out the Job Search Resources Vault and download your free resource: T-H-R-I-V-E: Navigating Change in 2020.

If you need support, please feel free to contact me! I specialize in holistic career coaching, NLP-based coaching, master-level resume writing, and brand marketing.

Creative Horizons Communications is a one-stop, holistic, and virtual career service firm supporting jobseekers globally to tackle their next career milestone. Let us help you! Contact us via or call 905.730.2374.

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