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Do You Need Career Transition Coaching?

Whether you are an entry-level jobseeker or new graduate, mid-level professional or senior-level manager or executive, I have been supporting jobseekers of all fields, levels, industries, and stages of transition.

As a career change advocate, I am in your corner helping you to embrace a new career horizon, fearlessly tackle obstacles, and drive new career growth opportunities.

Change is on the horizon!

We are in the midst of a recession, a volatile economy, and COVID resurging. How can you navigate these changes while ensuring that your career development and growth stays in tact?

Strategic planning and thorough market research.

Creativity and innovation.

Professional support.

Since embarking upon my own career transition in 2013 and joining a leading Canadian career association, Career Professionals of Canada, I have made jobseekers' career transitions my sole purpose and mission.

I am well-versed in both the arts and possess a solid business acumen coupled with a knack for translating your brand marketing documents into value-added collateral.

I employ a Master-level resume strategy, empowering instincts, holistic career transition coaching using my A-B-C-D Method, and client collaboration to help position you for your next career move.

Read more about me here in the latest blog on Members Matter.

If you have any questions, please contact Lori at Creative Horizons Communications at 905.730.2374 or email at

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