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Are you spooked by your job search?

With Halloween just around the corner, we are reminded of all things scary - goblins, ghosts, and those monsters that lurk in the minds of countless jobseekers as they face a grueling job search.

But job search does not really have to be a challenging task.

Barry Finlay said it best: "Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing."

But the trouble is that most people stop the climb not even half-way for several reasons:

1. They have not set a vision and clear goals beforehand to execute the vision.

2. They believe they cannot make it to the top or they have not given themselves permission to do so.

3. They believe they don't deserve to make it to the top.

It's the third belief that stumps most people and stops them from achieving their goals or maximizing their full potential.

And it is this third belief that often gets people spooked by their job search. You see a job search is rarely linear these days. And sometimes the climb gets a bit challenging as the job search proceeds. Job search does not always go as planned. There might be many ups and downs and twists and turns as the climb gets steeper. Sometimes you may think you will never reach your destination when only a full brave moves propel you faster than you imagined.

What do I mean?
Instead of applying online to over hundred companies, consider a more targeted job search. Do your research first to learn more about the position, company, and industry.
Instead of pressing the apply button and waiting for the phone to ring, take action by connecting with the hiring manager on LinkedIn and build a connection.
Instead of waiting for the employer or recruiter to ask about your resume, ensure that you get your resume customized and tailored to the position.
Instead of delaying the creation of your LinkedIn profile, ensure that you keep your LinkedIn profile updated and refine your profile to maximize your brand visibility.
Instead of waiting for that next "connection" reach out to build new contacts on LinkedIn. Cultivate a stronger social media presence.
Instead of giving into frustration, estimate that your job search can take at least 6 weeks even longer. Ensure that you set yourself clear goals, plan out your finances, and keep working on achieving your goals.
Rather than focusing on your losses, focus on your gains! Keep track of your job search activity metrics in a spreadsheet so you can evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy.

The advantage is that as a jobseeker, you have choices in your job search to choose how you want to navigate the process and whether you want to succeed.

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