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  • Lori A. Jazvac

Choose to Make Smarter Career Decisions

It is interesting to note how many people will stick with a job that they don't like or even loathe for the sake of financial security or fear of finding something even worse. But what is worse is that feeling to live with regret of “what if?”

When the “what if’s?” start invading your thoughts, it’s time to stop and ask “why not? or rather "what could be?"

It’s so easy to stay stuck in the familiar and what is comfortable. I’ve heard this same concern from a recent client who wanted to venture from the private into the public sector and try something totally new. She transformed her "what if" dilemma into the "what could be" possibilities and enlisted professional support to create a compelling résumé package to help set her apart. Today, she is applying for rewarding roles and transitioning to a career that can offer more long-term growth and a higher salary.

When you are faced with a difficult decision, your intuition may nudge you to go ahead and take the leap, but fear, yet once again persuades you to reconsider. Sound familiar?

I’ve seen clients walk away from jobs when “enough was enough." Their key deciding factors? It could be organizational culture, low growth potential, inadequate work conditions, few pay raises, or high stress. Ironically, they admit later to themselves that they should’ve done this a lot sooner.

It takes deep reflection and an understanding of what you really want in your career along with serious motivation and risk-taking to take your next career plunge. Only you can make this decision. Choose a different horizon.

How do you know if you are staying in a job way too long and it’s time to leave?

Reflect upon these 10 questions to determine what you need to do:

  • Are you barely surviving or thriving in your career? The answer to this will lead you to make an accurate decision.

  • Do you find others advising you that you should change jobs or careers?

  • Do you find yourself pondering the thought of another more exciting career?

  • Can you see yourself leaving your job, but you are afraid of the risks involved or other personal considerations?

  • Are you insistent to stay despite the fact there is little room for growth?

  • Are you coming home from work every night exhausted without energy and feeling tired all the time?

  • Are you having difficulty concentrating?

  • Do you wonder how you will take another day, week, month or year of the same old, same old?

  • Is your work life impacting your health, relationships, or personal success?

  • Is your heart telling you to leave your job, while your mind is saying “no” or "wait a bit"?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, you need to stop and rethink your direction. Put procrastination back in its place and replace with strategic action.

Staying in the same stagnant place is a sign that you need to start trusting your instincts and take control of your career. Remember, you have choice! The path that you want to stay in may even become more challenging down the road than the one that lies ahead of you because your ultimate goal is seeking growth and change (which is not happening currently). And that takes a complete shift in attitude and perception.

Why delay? Call Creative Horizons Communications today for career transition coaching and move forward with empowerment! Let's work together to drive your career success and realize the amazing possibilities.

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