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  • Lori A. Jazvac

The Best Resource in a Modern Job Search: Your Resume Writer

Did you know that one of the best resources in a modern job search is a professional resume writer?

Many jobseekers take the long and painstaking course by solely relying on their own devices to navigate their job search. This involves attempting to write their own resume themselves, often using an outdated template version (which never works!). Alternatively, they may even enlist their friends, family members, or colleagues who are willing to help, but are not well-versed or certified in resume writing to tackle this complex task.

What happens then? The jobseeker ends up applying with a lacklustre resume and receiving few results, and receives rejections or no responses. Sound familiar?

It can become a vicious cycle...

Frustrated in their job search, the jobseeker continues the same course without evaluating progress while hoping for a different result each time. The jobseeker then returns back to the resume writer, signalling a last recourse for professional support, and seeking to understand why the resume is not garnering any attention.

Upon first glance, the original resume typically reflects an exhaustive account of the candidate’s responsibilities without demonstrating tangible achievements or the candidate’s unique value.

Jobseekers: Without a clear focus, strategic plan, and professional career support, you will likely compromise on quality results and even prolong your job search.

If you are wondering whether your stale resume can ever be transformed to embody the highest quality and value towards your targeted role and industry....

Well, the answer is: absolutely, yes! My resumes produce robust results.

So, what are you willing to invest when it comes to your brand, career, and ultimately, your future?

Asking yourself this question will help you determine the best course of action and choose an experienced career professional with a proven track record of delivering excellent results for jobseekers.

Statistics from the 2009 beSatisfied Resume Rewrite Impact Survey show that a professionally written resume offers these key will be:

* 38% more likely to get contacted by recruiters

* 40% more likely to land a job

* 31% more likely to secure the interview

The benefits of having a professional resume customized are outweighed compared to tackling your do-it-yourself resume writing project without professional support.


Here are 7 more reasons to have your resume customized by a professional:

  • You will have a compelling marketing portfolio to showcase your achievements to prospective employers.

  • You will understand and be able to confidently articulate your unique brand and added value.

  • You will have a clear career focus with a coherent strategy plan to tap into the hidden job market.

  • You will be fully prepared to address each stage of the job search process while maximizing time on productive job search activities.

  • You will have a supportive resume writer and career professional who wants to see you succeed and help you confidently address your next career milestone.

  • You will be updated with the latest labour market, resume trends, and career resources to help you leverage an empowering job search.

  • When in doubt about something you’ve heard or read about, you can always ask and clarify with your professional and trusted resume writer!

Here are five tips to working with your resume writer to ensure a collaborative process:

-- Be honest with your resume writer. Never lie on your resume (and don’t provide your resume writer false information either). The better quality of information that you share with your writer, the stronger your new resume will be.

-- Be clear about where you’re going in your career. A clear focus translates to a more effective resume. “Generic” resumes (without a specific job focus) are not as successful in generating interviews as targeted resumes.

-- Invest in yourself. Plan to spend 1-3% of your annual salary on your career, including additional training, clothing for a job search, and career documents (including your resume and LinkedIn profile).

-- Look forward, not backwards. Your writer does not need to include every detail of your entire life and work history on your resume, but the points that demonstrate value to the resume and particular job target.

-- Don’t wait until the last minute to update your resume. This is a common mistake made by many jobseekers as opportunities can arise any minute and changes can happen unexpectedly. After you’ve landed a new position — and you’re sure you’re going to stay — get back in touch with your resume writer to add the new position. Maintain an accomplishments journal so you can track your achievements in your new role.

For more information, contact Lori Jazvac, Certified Resume Strategist/Career Consultant at Creative Horizons Communications to help you unleash your authentic career success.o help you unleash your authentic career success.

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