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Tips for Increasing Your Job Search Success on St. Patrick's Day

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

March the 17th marks the day of the green clover and Irish tradition to raise a toast to celebrating our luck and being thankful for our blessings.

If the stand-out résumé that I created for you is working, it is not due to "luck" -- but a crisp focus along with a distinct résumé strategy to draw out your unique value and offerings to prospective employers. It also depends on how you utilize the résumé as a valuable brand marketing tool to move forward in your job search.

I hear jobseekers categorize their job search as being either “lucky” or “unlucky” with no medium in between. This mindset often serves as an excuse to avoid the inevitable -- reality. When it comes to the job hunt, luck is not left to merely chance or the universe. Rather, "luck" is fuelled by a sharp focus, hard work, efficient timing, and opportunity. This means leveraging a positive mindset along with a thoughtful résumé and job search strategy to maximize your results.

If you are finding that you need "more luck," it may be time to alter your mindset. Perhaps you have been doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That defines insanity and a frustrated job search. The time for transforming your mindset and implementing a results-focused action plan is now...

Here are some tips for increasing your job search success:

Maintain a positive attitude. Luck smiles on those who are optimistic, believe in themselves, think positively, and are open-minded to embracing the unknown. Focus on channelling your strengths and translating your weaknesses into positives. Trust that your job search will work out! Visualize your career goals.

Surround yourself with optimistic, high-energy, and forward-thinking professionals who take pride in seeing you take leaps forward (not backward!). Engage with those who support you to achieve your goals and step outside your comfort zone.

Invest in having a stellar, branded résumé package customized and increase your job search success. By understanding what sets you apart, you will be in a better position to present yourself effectively and demonstrate your unique value to employers.

Avoid sending hundreds of generic résumés to numerous employers. Concentrate on productive job search activities such as targeting employers and preferred roles that align with your requirements and expertise. Applying anywhere and everywhere will get you nowhere! If you are determined, focused, and qualified for the position that you are targeting, you may increase your chances of succeeding at this company and in that particular role.

Think "outside the box" and tap into the hidden job market. Increase your success through targeted networking. That is where the jobs are!

Focus on continuous improvement in job searching and seek support. Whether it is interviewing, résumé writing, or job search strategy, a Certified Résumé and Employment Strategist can help you succeed in your career! Reach out for help.

Maximize your luck by taking advantage of timing. When recruiters call for an available position or to consider you for a role, ensure that you are prepared to address available opportunities along with your portfolio of marketing collateral.

Stay active on social media with LinkedIn and reach out to existing and new networks. Do not try to search for the right online posting – search for the right people to connect with to lead you to the right job! Change your perspective.

Keep informed about labour market trends and career developments in your field and others in order to forecast and plan ahead, and be prepared for change.

Continue investing in increasing your marketable skills. The path to empowerment lies in enhancing your knowledge and skills through education -- whether formal or informal learning. Apply your expertise in practice. Keep learning. Expand your mind!

Truth being told, you create and manifest your own luck.

The right attitude is key...

If you believe that you are lucky, you will generate more of this positive energy, which will impact job searching in empowering ways and lead you to your desired job!

Contact Creative Horizons Communications – think creatively and visualize a new horizon! Visit for more information.

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder the work, the more I have of it.” — Thomas Jefferson

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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