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  • Lori Jazvac, Certified Resume Strategist

Pair a Compelling Resume with a Sound Employment Strategy for Career Success

As a professional resume writer, I designed a stand-out resume for a client applying for a rewarding customer service specialist role. My client was thrilled – she landed an interview and earned a place within the esteemed candidate pool for selection. This was my client’s big chance to move onto a growth-focused and next level within her field in the public sector.

While my client possessed all the qualifications, skills, and experience, there was a crucial element, however, that was hindering her chances of securing a job offer – her ability to effectively express her unique value proposition. She assumed that her achievements on paper would somehow speak for themselves. Common myth.

When applying for a position, it’s not enough to expect the resume to articulate your value without preparing thoroughly for the subsequent phases of the job search.

Pairing your strengths and accomplishments on paper along with verbalizing your value in an interview and in the workplace is essential. Many jobseekers miss out – encountering a vicious cycle of applying – getting interviews – not getting hired, and then repeating the process without doing one important thing.

Take time to reflect where constructive improvement is needed in every phase of the job search process. Commit to preparing yourself for interviewing.

Gain Clarity about Interviewing: Invest in Thorough Preparation and Practice

They say, insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again, the same way, and expecting a different result each time. In this regard, jobseekers need to invest in proactive preparation throughout the job search process.

Enlist support through strategic career coaching to improve your chances of career success. This not only includes researching and prospecting target companies to the resume building process and application process, but preparing for the interview process, securing a job offer, and then maintaining employment. Identify the specific areas that you experience challenges with throughout the job search process. Address and explore the barriers that you often encounter in the interviewing process with empowering strategies for career success.

Interviewing Process: Engage in Honest Self-Reflection

Do you experience challenges in these areas when interviewing?

  • When meeting the employer – the first handshake?

  • Authentically expressing positive non-verbal and verbal communication?

  • Facing panel interviews with a confident mindset?

  • Using the power of your voice to articulate coherent responses to tricky interview questions?

  • Describing your strengths or weaknesses in an interview?

  • Formulating solid responses to challenging questions?

  • Using concrete examples to illustrate your diverse experience?

  • Understanding and demonstrating your authentic value in a concise manner?

  • Addressing employment gaps and other career-related obstacles?

  • Closing the interview on a positive note?

  • Formulating relevant questions to ask at the end of the interview?

  • Understanding how to handle references?

  • Following up post-interview?

Once you research the problem areas that you need to work on in interviews and pinpoint your desired goals, you will be able to incorporate effective strategies to authentically express your added value and secure a lucrative job offer.

Enhance Your Success With Interview Coaching

Interview coaching will help you project a positive, poised image. Gain a clearer understanding of how your achievements meet the employer's buying motivators. You will also increase your confidence to navigate challenging questions, while solidifying a firm locus of control over the interviewing process.

Through interview coaching, my client learned how to express her value and interview confidently without hesitation. You can do the same too!

For more information about my career coaching services, contact Creative Horizons Communications at 905.730.2374 or email

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