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  • Lori A. Jazvac

Reflecting on CareerPro Conference 2015

For career professionals, the first week of November marked an integral week – Canada Career Week. I was priviliged to serve as a dedicated member of the Planning Team for this virtual conference hosted by Career Professionals of Canada.

Many important topics were covered by career masterminds and experts on career development issues, labour market trends, resume writing practices and issues facing clients in the career development field. I facilitated the chat on Marketable Skills for the Future. Attached, I have included a copy of the handout. Marketable skills are such an important part of remaining employable, competitive in today’s labour market while sustaining an inspiring brand. “Marketable skills are important for everyone in all walks of life.”

Here are some other tips for enhancing your career development:

  • Keep your resume updated and polished. Recording your achievements and milestones in a log is beneficial. Keep up with new resume practices with the assistance of a Career Practitioner or Certified Resume Strategist to reflect an achievement-based resume.

  • Make a commitment to continue developing your career and remaining marketable with developing and refining your “marketable skill” – most desired skills by employers in your niche. Assess your skill level and make changes to develop new skills or refine ones that need improvement. Focus on your strengths.

  • Remember your Unique Value Proposition – what makes you stand apart from others. It’s part of your Personal Career Brand. Articulating your unique value proposition will help you to establish and maintain a brand.

  • Keep up with the latest technology and social media. Eg LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Have your LinkedIn profile customized and fully updated. LinkedIn is a powerful and leading networking tool which often translates to resources and networks for career success and staying on top of the latest developments in your field. Aim for increasing your connections and networking with other professionals.

  • Network, take courses, or attend seminars to stay informed and updated on your career interests and passions. Don’t be afraid to share “your career story”.

  • Take charge of your overall health and wellness. Stress can impact productivity and well-being, affecting your attitude and performance. There is no perfect work-life balance; find what works for you. Adopt best practices for a healthier lifestyle.

  • Protect yourself online and your reputation, starting with secure passwords.

  • Build and sustain positive references. References are an important part of the interview process, establishing further trust in a professional relationship and solidifying a job offer.

  • Be mindful of changing labour market trends and practices and how different demographic, economic, and social factors impact your field of work, brand, and skill set. Aging baby boomers, temporary foreign workers, and skilled worker immigration all affect our labour market. There are many pressures, challenges, and opportunities around the changing face of the Canadian workforce. Make a commitment to stay updated.

  • Stay positive and keep believing in yourself. Be aware of your Emotional Intelligence quotient as it affects career success. Keep setting realistic goals and record your progress.

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