• Lori A. Jazvac, MRW

Whose Opinion Should You Listen to Regarding Your Resume?

It seems that everyone has an opinion these days.

But when it comes to your career, job search, or even your résumé, who is the best person to listen to? Is it your local recruiter? How about your current or previous employer? What about your family and friends? Colleagues?

But wait. You wouldn’t ask your neighbour his opinion of your latest renovation by a local contractor unless he was experienced in this area. Sometimes getting feedback about your résumé can be useful — but other times, people have an opinion about your document based on their own feelings, not on factual information. The only opinion that matters when it comes to your résumé is the hiring manager for the job you’re targeting.

So please listen to your résumé writer / career coach as they have been well-versed in this field to know what works and what clearly does not in securing a lucrative position.

As an award-winning master résumé, writer and career transition coach well-versed in job search, career strategy, and resume writing, I know what works. The reality: hiring practices change, so do ATS systems as well as hiring managers' expectations.

The best person to position you for your next career move is your trusted master-level resume writer and career coach. But the person that you need to target your résumé, for is not you — that's right! It is your employer or the recruiter you are applying to for your dream job posting. You need to know what they are expecting and seeking in a candidate and in the brand marketing documents.

Let me clarify some outdated myths.

A résumé is an investment — you’re not paying for someone to type up your job history or do a mere edit. You are making a long-term investment in your brand. A good résumé writer is a career storyteller who synthesizes the story of your life into an effective, interview-winning document. Many jobseekers fail to realize this fact.

Your resume is a brand marketing document, but you need to do the legwork! Your résumé won't sell itself unless you go out there and network! When you do get a job offer, the journey of working with your résumé writer to understand your value, articulate your accomplishments, and confidently position yourself for your next career move is PRICELESS!

I have spent years refining my craft and coaching barriered jobseekers to succeed — and they have succeeded! My proven master-level resume strategy coupled with my award-winning A-B-C-D method work. My secret? Extensive expertise, mentoring, and learning from experts, as well as observing jobseekers within a competitive labour market.

Another myth that I need to clarify is résumé length and style.

First of all, the résumé is a critical piece to your job search and branding process. And the resume is very much relevant to showcasing your value, potential, and performance. So it needs to be consistently updated and modernized. I mean like every six months to a year, and anything beyond that reflects an outdated résumé. But content is key — design is second. Your skills will evolve, your roles will change, and your accomplishments will likely evolve. Your brand will change as well as your career goals. So your résumé needs to be in sync, and your LinkedIn profile and other platforms need to communicate a consistent brand.

A one- OR two-page résumé can be appropriate, depending on your job target, experience, education, and accomplishments. It’s not about how long the résumé is — it’s whether it does an effective job securing — and sustaining — the attention of the hiring manager.

Resume writing is quite different than other types of brand marketing communications. There are no pronouns in your résumé. Résumés use a unique style of writing to emphasize brevity. This style meets the generally accepted principles of résumé writing.

Now here's the big one. Accomplishments count more than anything in the résumé. So don't emphasize what you did as much as the results, like many jobseekers do. I use the proven CAR method (Challenge - Action - Result) method while leading with the results. This method always draws the attention of the reader, especially when action-driven verbs are used. Also, did you know that the CAR method can be used when interviewing to showcase your value?

Lastly, please choose a skilled résumé writer who fits you to ensure optimal success. If you like to verbally describe your accomplishments, don’t select a résumé writer who works solely from questionnaires. Some résumé writers specialize in certain industries; some work primarily with certain populations, like career changers or executives. Find your fit and believe in the process. Collaboration is essential to working with your résumé writer.

I do not use questionnaires that often, but I ask the right questions about your career background, history, responsibilities, and milestones. And I use the right strategy that perfectly aligns with your goals and needs while helping position you for your next career transition.

If you are wondering about my master-level resume strategy, contact Creative Horizons Communications; email creativehorizonsresumes@gmail.com. Check out our career success stories. To catch a glimpse of my work, feel free to view my resume samples too.






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