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The Power of Career Storytelling

Career stories have the power to heal, to inspire, uplift, and transform people. Career stories are powerful narratives that describe the milestones and challenges, but also the steps taken to overcome those challenges. The values that lie behind these stories are what unite people together in a spirit of empathy and transformation.

I am honoured to be able to convey the career stories of my clients/jobseekers, but also to be able to share my story of the amazing transition that paved the way for my current career. If it had not been for the downsizing of 2008, I would not have been inspired to make that change and become a resume writer, career coach, and career storyteller.

Today, I am proud to have earned the Certified Career Storyteller credential by Career Directors International. This is a rigorous program that has been obtained by only seveon CCSTs worldwide. It delves deep into information gathering, writing, and design of resumes, LinkedIn profiles, biographies, personal branding, and other career documents. This program has required me to balance the talents of analysis, communication, writing, and design to create brand marketing documents that convey a compelling career story.

This program has changed the way that I do my work, execute career coaching and how I support jobseekers with telling their career story. I champion my clients to think beyond the CAR (Challenge - Action - Result) Method of storytelling and really consider how they tell their story and what it means for them. Using my approach, they are able to pinpoint certain patterns, themes, attributes, and their unique promise of value. Clients are able to view their journey from a more empowering perspective that leaves them energized and motivated to tackle further goals.

What is so amazing about career storytelling is that we have the ability to change a lack-lustre experience into an engaging narrative. There is meaning that can be formulated out of a positive and less than positive experience. We can reshape our narrative in a way that inspires a connection with the reader and leaves the audience with an understanding of its characters and a snapshot of their career journey. Even the obstacles or challenges endured can be seen as opportunities for growth and transformation.

If more résumés or brand marketing documents focused on thoughtfully conveying the career story rather than just outlining tasks and responsibilities, candidates would have a better chance of connecting with the reader. Their unique value proposition would be highlighted more effectively. In addition, they would have a better understanding of their purpose and the essence of their career journey.

Isn't it time to convey your career story? Let me help. Contact Creative Horizons Communications via email:

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