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Master Resume Writer Credential Renewal: Part of an Elite Group of 25 MRWs Worldwide

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Recently, I have renewed the Master Resume Writer (MRW) designation with Career Thought Leaders Consortium joining the world’s most elite group of credentialed resume writers -- fewer than 25 MRWs worldwide.

Being committed to ongoing professional development as well as continuous improvement, I am better prepared than ever to provide jobseekers with the powerful tools they need to excel in today’s highly competitive job market.

The Career Thought Leaders Consortium is a think-tank of career industry leaders working collaboratively to support both colleagues and job seekers worldwide by providing expert leadership and innovation throughout all phases of career development, job search/resume writing, long-term career management, and career fulfillment. Career Thought Leaders is recognized as a catalyst for the now, the new, and the next in careers.

The Master Resume Writer (MRW) credential is the most rigorous certification obtainable in the resume writing industry, signifying mastery of the art and science of resume writing.

Marie Zimenoff, CEO of CTL says: "You have successfully renewed the prestigious credential of Master Resume Writer (MRW) and, in doing so, have joined the most elite group of resume writing professionals in the world. Your work was outstanding and a joy to review! On behalf of the Career Thought Leaders Consortium, congratulations on this notable achievement. We applaud your commitment to the resume writing industry and the impact it will have on your professional success. Thank you again for what you do for jobseekers and your professionalism in preparing the portfolio -- what great work!"

The labour market is becoming more competitive and my clients need high-level support in navigating various career challenges in the employment market. Renewing this MRW credential allows me to equip clients with empowering strategies and brand marketing collateral that help position them for their next career milestone. My qualification as a Master Resume Writer means that my clients can enter the job search with confidence, knowing that they have the very best, most powerful, and most up-to-date resumes to accelerate their job search.

Today, a compelling, keyword-optimized and ATS-friendly resume is so important to positioning jobseekers forward to embrace their next career move. A Master-level resume strategy is essential because a mediocre approach to resume writing just won't make the difference.

If you are seeking top-notch resumes that help set you apart from the crowd and position you for your next career move, contact Lori at Creative Horizons Communications at 905.730.2374.

View the success stories for more information along with my resume samples.

Lori Jazvac is an award-winning Master Resume Writer/Certified Career Transition Coach and Certified Hidden Job Market Coach. Lori is the Founder of Creative Horizons Communications, a trusted holistic career services provider in Halton serving jobseekers globally to embrace their next career milestone.

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