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How to Boost Your Job Search Results this Holiday Season to Get Ahead in the New Year

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

When it comes to job search, many jobseekers often expect quick results and so they get frustrated and lose momentum. On the other side of the spectrum are those that sound desperate, which does not really appeal to employers or recruiters.

What do you do if you are not seeing results? Stop worrying and trust. Be confident and know that your job is out there. Take proactive steps to create opportunities. Dedicate yourself to being fully confident and accountable as you plan your next career move.

It may take a while to see concrete results. Sometimes, it takes an employer one month to review résumés. When the applications range in the few or vast hundreds, the hiring and selection process can get stalled. But that doesn't mean it's time to give up.

In fact, just the opposite!

The main reason that jobseekers get frustrated? They go about job search in the usual way that the competition is navigating their job search. They apply for several positions through online job boards, competing with thousands of jobseekers globally. And of course, they fail to get responses.

Remember, the definition of insanity? Doing the same things over and over or thinking the same negative or stale thoughts about your job search while expecting different results will lead to a dead end.

So ask yourself: Could you be doing this?

If you want to push the needle with your job search, it's time to take your job search to a more strategic level and think differently about your job search altogether.
Treat your job search as a marketing campaign -- you are marketing brand YOU!
Unleash the power of the hidden job market where opportunities lie. And they are not even posted.

Most professionals apply to hundreds of jobs online without even customizing their résumé or considering the networking piece as a critical part of their job search strategy.

When you think about it, if 80% of opportunities are uncovered through the hidden job market, then you need to make networking the central element of job search. So spend 25%-30% of the time on online job boards and at least 70% of the time networking.

Another mistake that jobseekers make is that they may hear from recruiters, but don't take the conversation further. This can be done by taking more initiative, presenting value, and building the relationship while helping the recruiter to connect the dots.

Don't play the "waiting game" in a competitive market! The more you take action, the more you will reap results.
The key question: "Are you doing enough when it comes to your job search? What do you need to be doing more of and spending less time on?
Maximize your productivity! So many jobseekers waste time and squander their energies on unproductive job search activities. Leverage high-value job search activities and track your progress.

In the process, they feel like giving up thinking that there are no opportunities out there, especially during the holidays.

Do you buy into common myths and beliefs that hiring does not happen?

Do you find yourself giving into the "timing just isn't right mindset" ?

Are you feeling like "there is nothing out there for me, so why bother?"

But, it's actually an opportune time to rise above the competition and take charge! Conduct your due diligence and research. If you are always waiting for the "right timing", the timing may never be right, if that makes sense! Be spontaneous and take advantage of chance events too. Never underestimate the power of your trusted networks to help you in your job search.

While you attend your next networking event or gathering, you could hear about a new opening or venture where you could contribute. So become interested and involved in what's new and next in your community and field. The more people that know about your passion and expertise, the more they can help. Keeping your job search private does not work in many instances so be open and flexible.

Here are seven tips on pushing the needle with your job search:

1. Start by outlining a list of 10-15 target companies.

> What type of companies do you want to work for and why?

> Find out what challenges are they concerned about solving and how can you leverage your expertise to meet these challenges?

> Do your research both online and offline.

Jobseekers often fail to do this step and take on a "it doesn't matter -- I'll apply anywhere and everywhere" approach. Narrow your focus to work for a company where you will thrive and one that aligns with your goals, needs, and values. Employers seek a focused candidate who can contribute specifically to that targeted field and industry.

2. Outline a target list of contacts at those companies.

Uncover 10-15 people at each company, including key hiring influencers or decision-makers. Find their contact information via LinkedIn, a website, or doing a Google search.

3. Reach out to these contacts.

Customize your email and reach to a specific hiring decision-maker and set up a meeting.

Be courageous and grab their attention with a question:

For example: "Are you seeking a healthcare executive with expertise in...."?


"I hear that your company is in need of .......and I believe that I can help solve your challenge."

4. Always follow up and track your progress/results.

Be sure to follow-up. with the key decision-maker or hiring manager. This is where jobseekers miss out. They wait too long and bypass their chances to reiterate their interest and highlight their value or progress to the next stage of their job search.

Keep a schedule, create and execute task lists, and do everything you would do if you had a job. This will allow you to see certain patterns and your power strategies. Find out what is working and what isn't working for you. Monitor and record your progress in a journal, log, or Excel spreadsheet for continuous improvement.

Test out your strategies and revamp where needed! Get constructive feedback.

5. Leverage social media as your social networking and learning tool.

Keep updated on LinkedIn at least a few times per week to connect with key influencers. You can also uncover more about evolving trends, developments, and leads in your field and industry through social mediums like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Utilize LinkedIn as a learning platform and networking tool.

6. Remember the power of referrals.

Securing a referral will enhance your job search success. Here is how to ask for a referral.

According to Jobvite, referred applicants are 5X more likely than average to be hired, and 15X more likely to be hired than applicants from a job board.
So doesn't it make sense to secure a trustworthy referral to maximize your job search success?

7. Acknowledge each milestone and keep moving forward.

Be proud of small milestones -- the more you can reach these, the closer you will be to achieving your goal. It is about doing a series of small steps each day and you will get there! Consistent and strategic action with an empowering mindset will spearhead your job search. Translate your self-limiting beliefs into opportunities for growth. Get rid of subconscious fears and barriers. The only person who can stop you from moving forward in your job search is YOU!

Here's an effective NLP technique:

Ask your subconscious mind to show you what you need to see and to attract those right opportunities that are aligned with your goals and needs -- rather than applying to work environments that are misaligned with you. It works each time!

Learn from your setbacks and monitor your progress. What could you do differently?

The bottom line: Job search does not need to be complex when you have a clear focus, strategy, and know your target along with key networks. It's up to you! If you have all the tools that you need, now it's time to take action and believe in YOU!

Think creatively and visualize a new career horizon!

Creative Horizons Communications is a one-stop, award-winning holistic career services firm based in Halton, Ontario. Serving jobseekers of all fields and levels across the globe, we specialize in helping people confidently navigate challenging career transitions using a holistic, intuitive, and innovative approach.

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