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Creative Ideas for Job Search During A Year-End Lockdown

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

It's been a challenging year, a year of ups and downs, triumphs and setbacks, and closures and reopenings for many businesses. And yet through it all we have leveraged a fighting spirit supported by the values of kindness, support, resilience, and tenacity.

A lot of people have achieved important goals. But if you find yourself still yearning to reach that goal from long ago, you are not alone.

Ah, a new year awaits. I have heard clients say that they cannot wait for 2021 to start, yet they feel the pressure of another new year. Do you feel the same? The good news is that with that pressure of accountability, you can set new goals, fuel innovative ideas, and revamp your brand. You can reach out and receive professional support to help you navigate your career transition and carve out clear and measurable goals.

This is a good time to embark on strategic, forward-thinking initiatives:

The projects from 2021 that were put on hold can now be rekindled.

  • The job that was put on hold due to a hiring freeze may once be available as the employer reignites the interview process in the new year.

  • You can continue the job search, but now on a more empowering and focused note without worrying about the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping.

  • You can set new goals and find out address skill gaps.

  • You can turn that hobby into a second or full-time virtual career if you choose!

  • You can virtually connect or reconnect with networks, employers, and recruiters.

  • You can polish up your virtual interviewing skills.

  • You can take a course and learn a new skill by 2021!

  • You can still take the steps to drive your job search further.

Remember that while in-person events are cancelled, the values of kindness, support, empathy, and creativity are still welcome and very much needed!

So don't wait until lockdown is over -- continue the job search with these insightful tips!

Now is the time to focus on what is important, get creative, and redefine priorities.

Yes, you can achieve your goals. Think creatively and visualize a new career horizon!

Creative Horizons Communications is a one-stop, holistic, and virtual career service firm supporting jobseekers globally to tackle their next career milestone. Contact us via or call 905.730.2374.

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