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Certified Hidden Job Coach & Profile Writer (CJCPW)

The importance of leveraging the hidden job market cannot be underestimated in terms of job search strategy. Job search can be tough and very competitive.

In order to advance my expertise in job search and profile writing, I have recently upgraded my credential to the Certified Hidden Job Coach & Profile Writer by Career Directors International. I have learned about all aspects of job search that goes into successfully prospecting, applying for, and maximizing visibility for job search.

I am only one of five CJCPWS who have earned this credential globally. I am in a better position than ever to support jobseekers in elevating their job search to a whole new level.

The rigorous and insightful CJCPW Program educates career coaches on how to:

- Help jobseekers navigate the online job search and hidden job targeting,

- Social media profile writing

- Career research

- Career management

- Networking

- Online reputation management

If you require expertise on job search using the hidden job market - a powerful tool in job search and creating a stellar LinkedIn profile, then I invite you to contact me or visit for more information.

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