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10 Success Tips for a Strategic, Empowering Job Search this Summer

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Most people have never been taught how to find a job. It's a topic that can perplex many jobseekers who often ask themselves: "Where do I start?" and "How will I showcase my unique value?"

I studied Job Search Planning in business college and was amazed at how much there was to learn about job search. It is interesting to note how the world of work continues to change along with the economy. Nevertheless, it is important to stay updated on best job search practices and strategies and employ those that work for you. This knowledge served me well, especially while making a career transition in 2013.

I was advised years ago by a professional to "just start!" And I did not know what that meant until I pioneered my own business that evolved out of a creative vision one day to help jobseekers realize their value and embrace their next career milestone. My goal was to make a tangible difference to jobseekers of all fields, levels, and industries.

Sometimes, you do just need to start somewhere and let your instincts guide you along with your best strategies throughout the job search.

These days, looking for work is such a common practice for many professionals whether they are seeking a better job or an entirely new job. It seems that career transitions in the last while are on the rise along with employers' expectations and jobseekers' expectations.


Did you know that the average professional only spends 4 years in a job — and goes through 12–15 jobs over the course of their career?


Let’s look at the reality:

✔️ In January 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the median employee tenure: 4.3 years for men; 4.0 years for women.

✔️ Professionals nowadays are devoting more time and energy in transitioning from one job to another. Career transition coaching is essential. (here is where I can help!)

✔️ Because job changes are more frequent, it's critical for professionals to remain updated on trends in their industry, hone job searching and interviewing skills, and network with employers.

✔️ Upgrading employment status has become an ongoing process, rather than something done only once or twice during your career.

✔️ Growth, solid pay, along with a positive workplace culture and aligned values are key driving motivators for jobseekers.

Whether you have just been downsized or are seeking a new role, it is imperative that you commit to a strategic and empowering job search.

My Complete Job Search Action Kit: A-B-C-D Method

In fact, you can streamline the time that it takes to find your new job by consistently following a job search action plan that works in alignment with your goals, needs, and values.


Jobseekers, remember this:

You only need one company to hire you...

Instead of focusing your efforts on making dozens or hundreds of contacts with prospective employers, be selective!

The "hidden job market" is your gateway to uncovering career opportunities where 80% of jobs are found.

Avoid spending all your time applying online!


Here are 10 tips for maximizing your job search success this summer:

  • Start with the end goal in mind. What is the outcome that you want to achieve?

> Take the time to think about what kind of job you’re targeting.

> What job title, functional roles, and industry are you interested in?

> Are there any specific companies you’d like to work for?

> If your ideal job was available, how would you describe it? Carve out a vision and mission statement.

  • Take time to organize your job search.

> Outline a strategy, and then use your plan to create a weekly list of job search activities.

> These activities may include researching the labour market, planning networking meetings, leveraging LinkedIn, and following up on applications or even attending a job search group.

> Staying organized is important in monitoring and tracking your progress to maximize your results.

  • Create a schedule each day for your job search activities.

> Make a list each day of the activities you want to complete.

> However, if an interview or networking opportunity arises, rearrange your schedule to fit it in! Be proactive, flexible, and stay laser-focused.

> Have a polished brand marketing portfolio ready to present to employers, recruiters, and your trusted networks.

> Remember: the bulk of your job search activities needs to include networking through the hidden job market.

  • Set aside a sufficient workspace for your job search.

> Designate a specific area to use when conducting your job search.

> Ensure your workspace offers a pleasant view and is filled with plenty of light, free of distractions or noise, allowing for creativity and concentration.

> Job search requires focus and space where you can use a laptop, make calls, follow up, and track your progress in a journal or log.

  • Devote enough time and focus to your job search.

> The more time and energy you devote to your job search, and the more assertively you network, the more efficient your job search will become.

> If you are not currently working, commit yourself to devoting a minimum of 40 hours per week to your search campaign. The saying “treat your job search like it is a full-time job” is valid.

> If you are currently working, devote 15–20 hours per week at a minimum, but ensure that you balance your time.

  • Recognize that your motivation for job search may increase and sometimes decrease.

> There will be days when you will feel energized to tackle your job search while other days, you may feel unmotivated -- depending on your results. That's natural. Stay the course and think positively! You will get there!

> Remember the job search process does not work like clockwork. You may experience some or several "no" responses before you reach a "yes".

> Be kind to yourself. Remain balanced and empowered. Keep rejection in perspective and know that the right job for you is within your reach!

> Appreciate your position at present and weigh the facts and options.

> Try to reward yourself for effort, not for results, and acknowledge each milestone achieved along the way. Job search can be tough sometimes.

  • Seek the support of a team to help you with your job search.

> You don’t have to go solo in your job search. Hire a Master Résumé Writer and/or career coach for guidance throughout the job search process.

> Garner the support of your family and friends -- your trusted champions.

> Join a local job search support group or club to stay updated, motivated, and connected to your community.

> Utilize the services offered by your local employment office.

> Contact your university alumni association if you are a recent graduate.

  • Enlist an accountability partner.

> Recruit one key person to support, encourage, and motivate you in your job search. This can be a friend, another job seeker, or a coach/counselor.

> Choose someone who can be completely objective with you — and critical of your efforts — when they need to be. That role might prove a bit challenging for a spouse/partner.

  • Keep in mind that it can be easier to get a job if you already have a job (even if the job isn’t related to the job you want).

> Employers or recruiters sometimes see hiring someone who is unemployed as “riskier” than hiring someone who is already working.

>> Being employed during your job search will avoid any gaps while strengthening your marketable skills and increasing employability.

  • If you are having difficulty finding a job in your area, consider other possible options.

> Explore possibilities such as relocation, commuting, or even telecommuting (freelance work) depending on your situation.

> Remote work, entrepreneurialism, and contracting work are in demand.

> If you live in a remote area with high unemployment — impacting your industry — consider whether moving to another city, state, or region would improve your chances of getting hired. What are your alternatives?

> Be flexible. Think creatively and visualize a new career horizon.

Contact Creative Horizons Communications for more information about my Job Search Action Kit using my award-winning A-B-C-D Strategy.

Affirm – Brainstorm – Create – Discover a new career horizon!

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