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  • Lori A. Jazvac

How You Can Turn Your Side Hustle into a Rewarding Career

Decades ago, there seemed to be a clear-cut line between a hobby and career. Numerous baby boomers leveraged an uncompromising work ethic in a factory setting where they often enjoyed good job security, a steady paycheck, and fairly consistent career progression. Their work life though was often kept separate from their hobbies and interests.

Fast-forward several years later, the paradigm has shifted. Many people nowadays are turning their hobbies and past-times into rewarding careers while making money and having fun. The lines are often blurred between career and hobbies.

In 2013, I channelled my passion for writing and helping people into a full-time career. Creative Horizons Communications was launched in the summer, serving the needs of numerous jobseekers locally and globally using a virtual, holistic approach.

These days, a whole new movement has been sweeping the nation with "hipster jobs". While hipsters have been around for a few decades, their uniquely honed crafts have cultivated a craft economy.

If you are thinking of turning your hobby into a second career, here are some ideas or food for thought:

>> Do you enjoy creating jewellery, tattoos, or funny t-shirts in your spare time?

>> How about crafting beer or homemade wine or beverages?

>> Do you have a knack for investing in real estate or turning old houses into innovative havens of luxury?

>> Do you love making music or writing songs?

>> Does creating handmade greeting cards ring a bell?

>> Do you enjoy drawing or painting all kinds of art?

>> Do you have a passion for creating vegan treats in your spare time?

>> Ever thought about opening up your own yoga studio?

The nice thing is that you no longer have to work 18-hour days or night shifts. You can carve out your own schedule and coordinate your own resources to make your venture work! All it takes is a little creativity and planning.

Many women these days are devoting their time to selling high-end cosmetics with leading companies such as Younique, a social media based business. Living the Younique lifestyle is a commitment to uplifting, empowering, and validating women while helping them realize their boundless potential for growth and financial reward.

So far, Younique has catapulted thousands of presenters worldwide. Many women are discovering that they can make people look and feel their best. After all, when you look and feel your best, you have the motivation and willpower to achieve your goals. Similarly, the fitness industry is also booming, and in need of hot yoga instructors or Zumba instructors, especially those who can work on-call whenever the need arises.

Within this changing world of work, there are creative ways to earn an income that are eco-friendly, stress-free, and relationship-driven. The “gig economy” is in full swing with hipster jobs such as freelance poets, freelance videographers or writers/editors, digital marketing or social media specialists, online dating coaches, and other creative artisan pursuits. If you love food, you can become a mobile chef and travel to your heart's content.

The 9 to 5 corporate lifestyle seems to be taking the back seat with some because the need for greater freedom, flexibility, and the ability to earn unlimited income reflect more attractive options.

Check out the statistics:

>> According to, between 2015 and 2018, a 57% increase spiked in searches for jobs tagged as “hipster” in the US.

>> Within that group, “yoga” was the leading choice as the most popular hipster job search term in the last six months of 2018, followed by tattoo, vegan, distillery, and craft beer.

>> In Canada, we saw similar results, except “vegan” outweighed “tattoo.”

>> Association for Creative Industries showed US consumers spending $43 billion in the craft economy in 2017 alone!

>> Bartender, barista, and chef were more common hipster job openings for aspiring professional yogis and tattoo artists according to

>> Boomers are launching their own businesses at unexpected rates according to Chris Farrell, author of Purpose and a Paycheck: Finding Meaning, Money and Happiness in the Second Half of Life (AMACOM, 2019).

>> A recent survey unveiled that more than 25% of all new businesses are lifestyle businesses started by people aged 55–64.

Who is exactly searching for these hipster jobs? Gen-Zs as well as Gen-Xers, even baby boomers are becoming more inspired to rekindle new meaning into their lifestyles that they may have missed out on back in their earlier career days.

Five simple tips on transforming your passion into a rewarding career:

1. Identify your passion -- what craft you want to engage in? Then, specialize in honing your skills.

Become a master at your craft so you can stand out from the competition to attract interest from the public. When you excel at what you do, people will be inspired by your passion and will likely pay you for driving higher quality and innovation.

2. Understand your unique value proposition and keep refining your brand.

Your brand is the key to setting yourself apart and to maximizing your growth and visibility.

3. Find a niche market and the people that you can offer or present your craft to.

Research demographics and labour market trends. Don't forget to spread the word around about your craft and ask relevant questions to find out more relevant information.

>> Ask yourself these 2 key questions:

What problem do I want to solve?

4. Build networks with people that would have a need or desire for your craft.

Maybe you know someone who has an interest in your craft. They may, of course, know another handful of people who would like to take advantage of your products or could offer innovative ideas of how to get your business rolling. Spread the word around at fairs or local events in town. Hold workshops and let people know how your expertise and services can help meet their goals.

5. Be the CEO of your own company and brand.

Whether you want to open up shop down the street or virtually promote your brand via social media, find the way that works for you the best. Renting office space or designing a website is only a phone call or click away. You can do this solo if you like working independently. However, if you need to hire motivated people who share your passion, look for the best talent who are willing to take on a new challenge and are brimming with new, exciting ideas to hit the ground running.

In fact, craft businesses will likely play an integral role in the global economy as well as individual well-being within the ever-changing workplace. The 21st century workplace is thriving on innovation, creativity, and will continue to be driven by quite simply, professionals who want to try new things that meet people’s diverse needs.

Never give up on your dreams! Pursue your craft, champion innovation, and expect success.

Let’s talk about your career goals. Contact Creative Horizons Communications – Resumes for more information about my Master-level career services.

Think creatively and visualize a new horizon!

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