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50 Super Tips to Start 2019 & Your Career on an Empowering Note

It’s December!

While you may think of the holidays as a time to get things done, it is also a time to celebrate milestones.

However, for many, the month of December spells a time of serious planning and reflection precipitated by performance review time -- a chance to tackle your next promotion you've worked so hard for.

If you’ve found yourself pondering on how to propel your career forward, there is hopeful news. Those who have persevered throughout the year will reap the rewards next year. By realizing your unique value, working with a career professional to position you in the right direction and establish a concrete plan, you can confidently achieve your desired goals.

What works for you when it comes to achieving success? I ask clients about their key success strategies in résumé building, and this often generates some interesting stories. It also helps them to understand what works and what clearly does not. It's about identifying constructive patterns and, of course, gaps, but also avoiding the patterns that lead to few or zero results.

Have you considered revamping your routine? There is empowerment in shaking up a dull or lifeless routine on a daily basis.

How often do you monitor and track your progress? Leveraging helpful resources to track your progress will keep you on the path to driving continuous improvement.

Balance the personal and professional sphere. Make time for your interests and goals. Reset priorities.

Seek professional support. Gain a refreshing perspective about your career.

Are you optimistic and focused in the midst of triumphs as well as difficulties? When the going gets tough, it is no secret that the tough get going and they reap the most success in the face of challenge.

Remember, procrastination leads to stagnation.

Regrets are pointless and will only drain your energy.

Rather, focus on all the gains made, interesting lessons learned, and challenges that have been overcome by your resilience.

Tenacity is the key to experiencing success. Never give up on your abilities or your dreams.

Your values matter! Uphold your values. They will impact the type of work you choose, the nature of work that you do, and the organization that you choose to work for. Your values will also influence the type of choices that you make.

Here is a collection of 50 super tips to get you positioned in the right direction with your career in 2019:


  1. Acknowledge and celebrate your strengths and achievements.

  2. Give thanks for your career’s ups and downs. After all, they have helped you grow and grasp some valuable lessons.

  3. Understand and articulate your unique value. Know what sets you apart. This is the cornerstone of your brand and the essential ingredient that employers are seeking when you're applying.

  4. Keep track of your job successes and challenges in a journal/log. This will help you to understand certain patterns, themes, strategies, and areas for improvement needed.

  5. Take stock of all your wins. What are you most proud of achieving? What was your secret to achieving these wins?

  6. What have you done well to overcome challenges? What could have you done differently? Think creatively here.


  1. Create a new vision board. What would your vision and mission for 2019 look like? Sometimes visuals or pictures spell a thousand words.

  2. De-clutter your personal space and workspace. A clean space helps improve focus and clarity to tackle a new beginning.

  3. Write down what new skills have you developed or mastered. Focus on marketable skills.

  4. Recreate a new professional development plan. Include TED Talks, seminars, webinars, and conferences in the professional development plan for a well-rounded plan.

  5. What new challenge will you tackle in 2019 as part of your career growth plan that you may have delayed in 2018?


  1. Vying for a new promotion? Sell yourself on paper and in-person. Be prepared to deliver a compelling case why you deserve that promotion.

  2. Go ahead and tackle that entrepreneurial venture –– you may have procrastinated your dream for too long, but now is your chance!

  3. Get a resume makeover.

  4. Choose to work with a trusted career professional.

  5. Get a LinkedIn makeover. When you combine a powerful résumé with this social media networking tool, you will maximize your results.

  6. Have a professional biography created.

  7. Take a new course in January that really piques your interest.


  1. Leverage your networks. Build relationships with positive people.

  2. Solidify your references. Ensure references are current and updated.

  3. Join an association and get involved in change leadership.

  4. Get involved in your community through volunteerism. Commit to helping others in a mission or cause that inspires you.

  5. Surround yourself with positively inspiring and supportive people in your life.

  6. Add another few contacts to your professional network. Expand your sphere of influence.


  1. Take the fitness challenge. Taking care of yourself will help you become more productive. What health goals will you set for end of year? For next year? Challenge yourself one step at a time.

  2. Become a mentor.

  3. Be a mentee. Learn from your mentor.

  4. Tackle a subject that you have a bit of difficulty with. This will instill you with greater confidence!

  5. Apply for a board or committee role where you can drive team building. This is not only great for building your résumé, but will help you contribute to a greater mission.

  6. Drive innovation by taking on a new project where you want to create a tangible difference.

  7. Rethink your career plan and strategy. What goal or problem do you want to solve at work?

  8. Manage your time better. Weed out time-wasting activities.

  9. Change your routine or strategy at work to maximize your productivity.

  10. Learn from your performance review results. Change at least one thing about how you do your work to improve your performance.

  11. Commit to finishing that degree finally! Don’t forget to set strategies and goals for completion.

  12. Get constructive feedback from a colleague or employer.

  13. Get 360-degree feedback from others. Identify your next action steps.


  1. Take that vacation that you’ve been dreaming about. Refuel and re-energize so you can achieve bigger goals in 2019!

  2. Do yoga, deep breathing, or meditation everyday to maintain your focus, clarity, and calm. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you!

  3. Read a book or even blog that really inspires you each day.

  4. If you’re thinking about a career change, talk to someone who has made a career change in your targeted field or industry. Do your research. Ask questions. Explore options!

  5. Take risks. If you're thinking of making changes, the New Year is your perfect chance to get things rolling!

  6. Stop worrying about office politics. Think positively. Take charge to promote a collaborative and empowering work environment.

  7. Tell someone special in your life that you appreciate them. Encouraging words, gratitude, and acts of kindness are healing.

  8. Spend time in nature. Go for walks. Admire scenic views and take pictures, then create a collage. This will fuel focus and creativity.


  1. Invest in career coaching. Read about my ABCD Method (yes, it works!).

  2. Gain constructive feedback from a trusted career professional. Be open-minded and flexible.

  3. Create a career map with your career professional. Think about your short-term and long-term goals concerning your career path.

  4. Address resume gaps with a simple strategy. What can you do to enhance your expertise and brand? It’s a new year -- and a new you -- it’s time to shine in person and on paper!

  5. Brush up on your interviewing skills to land a lucrative offer!

Contact Creative Horizons Communications at 905.730.2374 or Let’s work together to help you wrap up this year positively and ready to hit the ground running in 2019!

Remember, think creatively and visualize a new career horizon. The power lies within you to achieve what you want!

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