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  • Lori A. Jazvac

The Power of Believing in Yourself

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

November is Canada Career Month, bringing millions of people worldwide to ponder the theme: “I know I can because….”

Hence, the power of language and transforming “thinking” to “knowing” and “believing” to “doing”. Such powerful language transcends us forward into new realms of success. When we believe in our unique value and activate our boundless potential, we can achieve our goals despite the risks, despite the imagined or real obstacles, and despite what other people tell us or have told us in the past.

Have you encountered people in your life that have swayed you from reaching your goals and dreams?

Have you ever heard any of these remarks from others in response to achieving your goals?

  • “Well, good luck, I hope your career plans finally work out!”

  • “Really? How do you intend to complete that degree?”

  • “Remember what happened last time you tried to change your career?”

  • “You don’t have time to focus on that!”

  • "And how do you intend to make that plan manifest?"

With such feedback, we are often reminded of the possibility of failure. We are likely drawn to focus on our shortcomings, and so the endless tape plays inside our minds. We can then find a zillion excuses to not attempt our desired goals, to not achieve our most cherished dreams.

What would you do if you failed?

...But what would you do if you succeeded?

Imagine the the freedom as a result of believing in YOU.

In 2019, it’s time to switch the old, negative tape off that is dictated by fear and feeds into our subconscious, perpetuating a vicious cycle of stagnation and endless procrastination.

As we approach year’s end, we need to engage in thoughtful reflection and proclaim this life-changing affirmation: “I know I can because…I believe in me and I deserve success and fulfillment!"

Do you think that you can succeed? Do you BELIEVE that you can succeed? Knowing the difference between these two will impact how you complete 2018 and how you tackle 2019. It all depends on whether you approach both life's triumphs and challenges with positivity or negativity and ultimately -- whether you believe in the power of YOURSELF to manifest greater good and success for yourself and others.

Let’s work to unleash your full potential and establish a plan for greater career success. Contact Creative Horizons Communications for more information at 905-730-2374 or

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