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  • Lori A. Jazvac

A One-Stop Career Consulting Firm with a Unique Vision

In late August of 2013, I was touched by an inspiring vision that catapulted numerous jobseekers locally and across the globe to seek career success. That day, Creative Horizons Communications was launched.

Today, this trusted Halton-based career consulting provider has earned numerous honours and awards due to a commitment to delivering service excellence while helping jobseekers realize their passion and purpose.

What is Unique About Creative Horizons Communications?

Creative Horizons Communications is a one-stop virtual shop for all your career goals and needs, offering old-fashioned customer service, Master-level career services, and a wide variety of career-related packages and services.

Its vision is based on the premise that you can go above and beyond to achieve your dreams –– “seeing a new horizon”–– in order to succeed! It means reaching far and wide beyond "comfort zones," challenging jobseekers to proactively take risks, think boldly, and leverage strengths to keep moving forward while adapting to changes that lie ahead of them.

The Approach/Philosophy

Creative Horizons Communications caters to various jobseekers of all fields and levels and career situations, including career transitioners, second careers, and barriered professionals. From private sectors to public sectors, corporate, and non-profit, I utilize a holistic, whole-person, and intuitive approach that is based on the premise that each client has unique value to offer the labour market. Thus, each client’s career situation is impacted by multiple forces and vice verse. We work within this context to understand and navigate the elements that shape your career.

Many career transitions today are unique, often complex, and require a strategic and personalized approach. Here is the new paradigm that we need to embrace:

Careers are anything but linear these days.

Security is in the hands of the professional.

You are the "CEO of your own company and your own brand."

I help clients debunk common career or job-related myths or stereotypes and substitute with a forward-thinking perspective.

While I work independently, I often partner with other career professionals and mentors for support. I strive to offer you the best possible quality service with a focus on continuous improvement, integrity, and timeliness. In my view, each résumé is a footprint of one’s career journey and hallmarks one’s value and brand.

Expanding Horizons: Thinking Beyond the Résumé

There are numerous components to a well-executed job search that goes beyond the résumé. I guide you through your career journey with a well-thought out action plan and offer you only career services aligned with your needs. Along with my various complete career packages, you can invest in additional resources as job search e-guides that are highly informative, strategic, and cost-effective.

Each résumé package includes an in-depth, one hour-long virtual session to discuss your professional experience and achievements. I also offer additional and affordable career coaching upon request along with a plethora of career blogs. This allows jobseekers to keep track of their experience, strengths, and milestones.

Just view the success stories themselves. They evidence countless jobseekers who have achieved their goals after painstakingly long career searches that were shortened considerably due to my award-winning ABCD Strategy. The brand marketing collateral offered is modern, professional, articulating the unique offerings of each jobseeker.

Now is the best time to get your career on track with the support of a trusted career professional and award-winning Master Resume Writer. I look forward to supporting you on your career journey and positioning you for your next stage of growth.

For more information, contact Lori Jazvac directly at 905.730.2374 or via email

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