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  • Lori A. Jazvac

A Scrutinizing Glimpse at Your Résumé

--> Are you thinking of making a career or role change?

--> Has your brand become stagnant?

--> Are you vying for a promotion in the next few weeks and are uncertain how to position yourself?

--> Are you due for a performance review in November or December?

These above scenarios call you to position yourself in the best light possible. Consider your résumé as a strategic marketing tool, not a career obituary –– but rather one that conveys results quickly and powerfully in seconds.

As a Master Résume Writer, I see numerous résumés come across my desk every week. Each one is distinct. While candidates have some well-rounded skills and expertise, their résumés may not always show their true value –– in fact, it may be just well, buried. This is often the reason that many résumés get screened out or passed over.

You may think that your résumé highlights your true value, but does it really? If your résumé is not making the cut, take a scrutinizing look to detect these discrepancies:

  1. Weak content with little or no focus on results

  2. Improper format

  3. Few design opportunities

  4. No brand statement to show your value

  5. Summaries fail to grab the reader’s attention

  6. Weak verbs

  7. Mixed verb tenses –– present with past

  8. Unnecessary articles in your résumé writing

  9. Failing to write from first person

  10. Inconsistent punctuation

  11. Little white space = clutter = poor readability

  12. Poor font choices –– ineffective font or way too small to read

  13. Choice of justification hinders readability or layout

  14. Hanging words leaving unnecessary space

  15. Few or no achievements, but rather a focus on responsibilities

  16. Career-related gaps not being properly addressed

If your résumé contains any of the above, then it’s time for a reassessment and restructuring of this brand marketing collateral. September was Update Your Résumé Month. October represents the peak of hiring and new career opportunities.

Take charge of your career!

Take your brand further by enlisting the support of a Master Résumé Writer / Career Consultant to help you further your career goals and position you for your next career milestone.

Check out the success stories.

Contact Lori Jazvac at Creative Horizons Communications at 905.730.2374 or

Creative Horizons Communications is Halton’s award-winning résumé writing / career consulting firm utilizing a holistic approach, providing strategic solutions to enhance your career success.

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