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  • Lori A. Jazvac, MRW

Online Job Search & Reputation Management: Critical to Career Success

No longer can you secure your next job by only applying through common job boards. By understanding the new, innovative ways to tap into the hidden job market, you will position yourself for greater opportunities.

Leveraging the internet for career management, industry/professional job research, and reputation management are essential for career success. Using online job search and social media networking tools to forecast and stay updated with the latest market trends is vital to advancing your career growth. Consider the following:

  • Do you find yourself wondering what to do next with your resume?

  • Do you want to increase your own visibility online?

  • Are you concerned about your online reputation across all social media platforms?

  • Are you confused about ATS Systems? (there are 200+ ATS systems!)

  • Are you trying to understand how to maximize social media networking mediums such as LinkedIn and Twitter to build networks?

Manage Your Online Reputation and Maintain a Positive Brand

LinkedIn is usually the first place that employers and recruiters tend to look during the recruiting process to find more about your unique value and whether they should hire you. The way that you are portrayed on social media networks affects your candidacy. If discrepancies exist between your brand marketing collateral and your online networks, this could invite some further questioning by employers. The key is to mind and cultivate a positive and authentic reputation.

A Strategic and Creative Approach to Job Search

While searching for a job online or through the newspaper years ago could secure a job, these days, you need to think more strategically and creatively to locate rewarding opportunities. Job search though doesn't have to be perceived as a complex undertaking, but can be broken down into manageable steps.

* Conducting thorough research along with talking to field-related professionals concerning your targeted roles and companies is a great way to find out more about whether your goals align with your prospects.

* Searching online job boards to determine the skills and qualifications needed for targeted roles is helpful in positioning yourself for your next career move.

* Your resume is one part brand marketing tool — the other part consists of networking both in-person and online while building solid relationships.

* Featuring a branded and updated LinkedIn profile is a robust tool to enrich your brand marketing portfolio and networking initiatives, especially if you use LinkedIn at least a few times a week.

According to Adweek, social media has become a practically universally adopted hiring tool for recruiters. Check out the statistics:

  • 92% of recruiters surveyed integrate social media as part of their recruiting process

  • 87% are using LinkedIn

  • 55% are using Facebook

  • 47% are using Twitter

  • Recruiters are leveraging new networks, with 3% using Snapchat during their process, as well as Vimeo, Tumblr, and Periscope.

Employee referrals are also critical to the recruiting process:

  • 78% of recruiters prospect their best candidates that way

  • 56% of recruiters admit they find some of their best candidates through social networks followed by online job boards at 37%

One of the biggest challenges recruiters face is brand awareness, but social media is valuable in their recruiting efforts:

* 74% are using social networks to attract talent

* 63% are using a company website

* 20% are incorporating outbound campaigns like email

* Only 15% have established a mobile website, and only 9% utilize SEO

It is no surprise then that candidates who initiate Twitter campaigns, leverage active LinkedIn networking and positive referrals, along with a branded resume portfolio can likely expect to increase their career and job search success.

One of the mistakes that jobseekers can make is believing that they don't need to be online at all, which includes having a LinkedIn profile. This is the most prominent social media networking tool for professionals that offers value-driven opportunities and labour market resources. LinkedIn is an effective way to stay informed about the changes occurring within today's world of work.

Certified Professional – Online Job Search and Reputation Management

Having recently earned my Certified Professional – Online Job Search & Reputation Management credential by Career Directors International (CDI), I am better equipped to support clients that are concerned about these questions.

The way jobs are found has drastically changed and employer expectations are increasing. The competitive labour market calls for jobseekers to employ a more robust strategy to position themselves forward. If you're still following traditional job search methods without interfacing with reliable networks, you are missing out on the vast opportunities that are not being posted.

80% of career opportunities are not posted on job boards!

Let me guide you to understand how to uncover solid job search strategies along with cutting-edge social media management strategies. Gain the vital tools to boost your own online brand and expertise while securing opportunities through the 'hidden job market'.

Contact Creative Horizons Communications for a complimentary quote on a resume package and/or LinkedIn package. Don’t delay ­­— the holidays are a time to keep up with networking initiatives and discover new and exciting career opportunities. Be proactive and take the steps now to making the change you want to see in the New Year happen.

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