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  • Lori A. Jazvac, MRW

Take Your Career Further with a Master-Level Resume Package

The end of year is fast approaching. The holiday rush is on.

But that doesn’t mean that employers or recruiters are necessarily delaying their hiring or recruitment practices.

In fact, just the opposite.

-- End-of-year recruitment/hiring and retention practices are planned, growth forecasts are reevaluated, and performance reviews are firmly addressed.

-- Hundreds of career opportunities are opening up now and throughout the New Year with entrepreneurial possibilities, especially during Canada Career Month.

-- Changes are happening in numerous companies and industries, calling for ambitious and focused talent ready to hit the ground running.

Yet, 80% of these opportunities are not posted. Will you be prepared?

If you're staring at your original resume trying to uncover your unique value and how to position yourself to reach your career goal, I can help. Read the success stories.

This is the opportune time for you to secure your dream job. With a professionally customized Master-level resume package that makes you stand apart from the competition, you will feel more confident and shine on paper.

Here's what you need to consider:

> Whatever your career goals, a generic "one-size-fits-all resume" or "duties and responsibilities resume" simply won’t reach the top of the resume pile.

> Your career growth matters too much. Your brand is at stake and your future awaits. Can you afford to delay another few weeks? months? or one year?

> The career opportunities are out there! With dedicated effort, strategic planning, and solid brand marketing collateral, you can reach your goals!

> Another few months delayed could spell missed career leads/opportunities.

> By leveraging your trusted networks in conjunction with a compelling resume package, you will receive a double return on investment.

Here are 8 value-added benefits of a Master-level resume package:

> You will gain the support of a multi-credentialed, award-winning resume writer who will help you leverage your unique value and strengths to advance further in a dynamic labour market.

> You will be able to present solid brand marketing collateral that thoughtfully highlights your career narrative and differentiates you from other candidates.

> You will open yourself to a wealth of career opportunities, promotions, and networking prospects in a competitive labour market.

> You will shorten your job search cycle while accelerating your job search productivity and results to get you the job that you want.

> You will save money and time with a high-level resume package that highlights your unique offerings — designed right the first time — and aligns with the employer's requirements.

> You will reduce your frustration, knowing that you are prepared with customized brand marketing collateral aligned with your career focus.

> You will gain more earning power through presenting an achievement-based resume with solid results that employers or recruiters are seeking.

> You will be better positioned to approach your next career milestone.

A Member of the Elite Master Resume Writer (MRW) Community

I am better prepared than ever to provide jobseekers with the powerful tools they need in today’s highly competitive job market to succeed. Recently, I have joined the world’s most elite group of credentialed resume writers — fewer than 25 MRWs worldwide — by earning the Master Resume Writer (MRW) designation.

The MRW credential is one of the most rigorous certifications to obtain in the resume writing industry, signifying mastery of the art and science of resume writing through the use of advanced resume writing and branding techniques.

Marie Zimenoff, CEO of Career Thought Leaders Consortium (CTL), says:

"Lori has demonstrated her expertise in strategy, design, and writing effective resumes and earned one of the world's most elite credentials. Congratulations, Lori!"

Many jobseekers are facing some challenging career transitions. My goal is to equip jobseekers with the most strategic brand marketing collateral possible while helping them realize their purpose, understand labour market trends, and create an action plan to address gaps and advance their career goals.

A Master Resume Writer qualification enables my clients to assertively execute their job search, knowing that they are investing in the highest quality, modern resumes to articulate their brand and accelerate their job search.

To get yourself job-search ready and more marketable this season, contact Lori Jazvac, Master Resume Writer, at Creative Horizons Communications — your trusted, one-stop resume writing/career consulting firm.

Creative Horizons Communications channels a creative, holistic approach to help jobseekers of all fields and levels further their career goals — both locally and abroad — while confidently preparing them for their next career transition.

The Career Thought Leaders Consortium (CTL) is a think-tank of career industry leaders working collaboratively to support both colleagues and jobseekers worldwide....A catalyst for the now, the new, and the next in careers.

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