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  • Lori A. Jazvac

Why a Resume Update is Critical to Moving Your Career Ahead

Every week, I see people who want to pursue a better career opportunity, yet some are reluctant to invest the time, energy, or resources that it takes to position themselves for their next career move. Often, they are usually the first to approach me in a few months later or even half a year later with a request to customize their resume after experiencing an employment gap or other career-related obstacles.

I see my share of lack-lustre resumes that fail to articulate a candidate’s authentic value. Ironically, many jobseekers believe that if employers could really see past their expertise and skills and guess at what they’ve accomplished, their resume should warrant a response for an interview.


The resume is your distinct brand marketing tool –- it’s the first impression a prospective employer has of you­­ and your distinct brand. And even after the interview, the employer will remember your presentation, but will recall your resume as the one that made it to the top of the pile because it captures your unique value. Your resume speaks volumes about your experience, skills, and milestones, but moreso about what offerings and return on investment you bring to the employer.

Your resume is like your passport to furthering your career prospects in a competitive and ever-changing labour market, essentially, helping you move forward.

Leaving a resume customization to the last minute or for years to come reflects a poor career choice when factoring in the opportunity costs.

Ask yourself these key questions:

--> How important is your brand to you?

--> How important is your career growth?

--> Can your career afford to wait another week? month? year? couple of years?

--> What if you were to experience a sudden career transition tomorrow or next week--would you be prepared, and would your old resume work?

The time is now, and this is why a resume customization cannot afford to wait.

For each time that you put your resume update on hold leads to another lost career opportunity––among hundreds of valuable opportunities--not only online, but through your networks and LinkedIn.

Consider this fact:

Would you rather sacrifice hundreds of dollars on a new resume package––or several thousands lost––due to missing out on rewarding career opportunities?

And this includes possibly missing out on your chance to receive solid career coaching along with brand marketing collateral?

Let’s weigh the opportunity costs:

  1. No updated resume = feeling stuck = employment gap = lost motivation to job search. Your motivation may decrease the longer you stay unemployed

  2. You could miss out on securing your next promotion offering high-level responsibilities along with several thousands of dollars LOST per year.

  3. If you usually earn at least $60,000 or more in income annually, that’s at least $5,000 lost each month, and significantly more for $100,000+ roles.

  4. Consider the wealth of exciting networking opportunities that you could be bypassing.

  5. Factor in the doubled stress of remaining unemployed or being passed for a promotion that could impact your personal life, morale, health, or relationships. This can deter you from achieving other treasured goals.

Deciding to forego a resume update can affect your career prospects, especially in the long-run.

The equation:

Happy job = happy life = increased personal and career growth

Your resume is a unique tool -- a footprint that can be leveraged beyond pursuing career opportunities for branding, forecasting, strategic planning and job searching.

Here are 10 ways a customized resume will take your career further:

* A customized and updated resume will offer you a clear and compelling snapshot of where you are in your career journey, what you’ve achieved, and where you need to improve, and even the strategies to get there.

* An opportunity may arise where someone wants to see your resume to make an important decision concerning your level of expertise or skills.

* If you’ve been called for an interview, an updated resume or brand marketing portfolio is the key to moving your job search forward.

* If you are employed, your current employer may need your resume to include in a Request for Proposal or grant application.

* Your next performance evaluation may be approaching. Your current accomplishments and projects will help set you apart.

* A resume along with a professional biography can be used as impressive introductions for your next presentation or panel appearance.

* Do you want to be considered for high-paying board roles? You will need to utilize a specific resume strategy to apply for your next board role.

* Are you applying for a volunteering or community leadership role to gain more field-related experience? Your old resume simply won’t do.

* Your resume is needed in case you are nominated for an award or if you wish to be considered for an award. Accomplishments will be key to your success.

* Leverage your resume or a “networking resume” to network at events, seminars, or conferences.

Don’t wait until you're actually looking for a job opportunity or out of work to have your resume customized. This is the biggest mistake that many people make that leads to delayed job search progress and career growth.

It’s "International Update Your Resume Month" -- the peak of hiring and growth-focused opportunities! ...Another good reason to update your resume starting with a Complete Resume Package!

Once we determine your career target and the company you wish to work for, we can focus your resume on the specific type of position targeted. With a robust resume and job search strategy, the opportunities are limitless.

Still not convinced? Just Read the success stories!

Lori Jazvac is a multi-certified Resume Strategist/Career Consultant and Certified Career Transition Coach with Creative Horizons Communications, furthering the goals of diverse jobseekers—from entry-level to mid-level and C-level, including career changers. Lori uses a holistic coaching approach to help jobseekers realize their true potential and position them for their next career milestone.

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