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  • Lori A. Jazvac

International Update Your Resume Month: Highlight Your Value

Imagine being days away from earning a promotion--a new milestone that could signal a significant turning point in your career.

* Are you equipped to fully meet the demands of this challenging role?

* How will you convince your boss that you are the ideal candidate?

* How are you going to translate all your accomplishments into a robust communicative tool that sells your unique promise of value?

Your outdated resume, customized years ago, will simply not pass the test.

Time for a reality check.

You could get easily passed up for promotion to another candidate who offers a more competitive position. If you get passed up for this promotion, you could stay in the same role without further advancement or a lucrative salary increase. In fact, the risk of being not prepared for this career move is high.

So imagine you decide to have a resume customized by a Certified Resume Strategist and Advanced Resume Writer––and invest in the process.

You are amazed at the outcome and feel good about moving forward in your career!

Your boss is stunned by your new resume, but moreover, he is impressed with the value communicated through this brand marketing tool and your brimming confidence. You are awarded the promotion and are ready to tackle your new position with enthusiasm!

Yes, a solid, results-focused resume can open new doors and position you for greater success.

Hiring is in full swing: It's the perfect time for a resume update

September is International Update Your Resume Month. Whether you’re gainfully employed, seeking a promotion, or are contemplating a career change, now is the perfect time to get your resume revamped. With scholars returning back to school and organizations rethinking their operational strategies, the peak of hiring and promotions evolves during September and October.

During the fall, performance reviews are addressed and forecasts are evaluated to re-position talent with the strategic objectives of the organization. With a new resume, you will be equipped to address your next career move with a whole new brand–-which means a refreshing career perspective.

The Resume as a Powerful, Insightful Tool for Career Planning and Success

Contrary to popular myth, your resume is more than a synopsis of your expertise, qualifications, or accomplishments—it’s your personalized and authentic brand marketing and unique value proposition tool that differentiates you in a competitive labour market, while thoughtfully conveying your career narrative and your distinct offerings. Your resume is like your "professional passport," paving the way for rewarding career opportunities.

Did you know that your resume also reflects a strategic forecasting and planning tool? It will allow you to envision, forecast, and create possibilities, starting with evaluating your skill sets, milestones, and results achieved. Your resume may be used to help you streamline your career goals.

Have you considered that your resume can be used as a self-improvement tool? It will allow you to understand and articulate your accomplishments while identifying key areas and strategies for professional advancement.

Here are 7 factors that your resume can shed light on:

1. Your career snapshot.

A resume can offer you an insightful picture of where you are in your career journey. Your resume can even highlight relevant gaps or areas of interest. As an extensively trained career professional, I am experienced in being able to guide you to understand and address these gaps effectively.

2. Your precise goals.

A stellar resume that offers a clear career and industry target will be appealing to recruiters and hiring managers, generating a wealth of employment opportunities and networking leads. You will be able to pinpoint the problems in the workplace that you want to solve, projects to tackle, solid networks to leverage, and the type of role and industry where you could truly shine.

If your resume lacks a clear career target, then it is time to remove yourself from generalities and become laser-focused in setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, action-driven, realistic, and timely). Consider:

--What role and type of company, field, and industry are you drawn to?

--What would describe your personal vision and career mission?

--What workplace values are critical to your career satisfaction and personal success?

3. Your career progression.

Do you have a relatively stable career progression, or do you find that are you are frequently looking for new work and transitioning from job to job? Let’s discuss the recurring patterns, values, factors, and themes impacting your career, redefine your goals, and leverage possibilities for success. Evaluating your career path will help you to chart a driven career action plan and address gaps in order to stop the cycle of job-hopping and endless searching.

4. Your marketable skill level.

Do you need improvement in brushing up your negotiation or relationship building skills? Doing so could mean the difference between getting a better paying job or staying in a "stagnant" role. For instance, with a project management certification or Master’s degree in your area of specialty, you could enhance your skill sets and expertise to unearth rewarding prospects. Let’s take stock of your skills and abilities and identify how you could improve your candidacy and where your skills could be better leveraged.

5. Your achievements.

What results have you produced in your current role so far? If you are uncertain, then it’s time to revisit your milestones and consider the underlying story behind them. This will help you to see your contributions, progress, and capabilities year-over-year in a whole new light. By understanding the unique challenges that you have overcome and the actions and strategies taken, together we will extract some powerful results to help you realize your true potential and generate innovative ideas.

6. Your professional development plan (PDP).

Are you unsure of your professional development goals and whether taking a higher degree is the right choice? Are you thinking of taking additional courses to further your career and skill sets? Your resume can reveal academic gaps as well, pinpointing the need for further educational programs or courses that will open you up to more enriching career prospects. By using the resume as a self-improvement tool, you can formulate a clear Professional Development Plan for 1 year, or a few years, while keeping your resume updated.

7. Community leadership initiatives.

If you're thinking of joining a professional association, or want to improve your community leadership expertise, it’s time to get involved in your community this fall season. Focus on staying current on labour market trends, forging vital networks, promoting team building, and fostering goodwill. Community leadership or volunteering roles will build your resume and may even lead to a challenging board role, a key project, or unique career opportunity.

Exciting opportunities can arise any time and so can unexpected changes. A newly branded resume will help you approach your next milestone with a sharp focus and self-assurance. Why delay?

“A resume is a powerful career footprint of your past and present, and a compass to your future goals, unique value, aspirations, and successes.”

Lori Jazvac is a Certified Resume Strategist/Career Consultant with Creative Horizons Communications, specializing in crafting creative resumes for entry-level and mid-level jobseekers, including career changers, as well as C-suite executives. Lori positions jobseekers to address their next career milestone.

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