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  • Lori A. Jazvac

The Essential Factors in Superior Resume Building: Accountability and Collaboration

Career services are truly unique and stand on their own.

Unlike other services where you may completely rely on the expertise or devices of the professional to help you achieve your goals, resume building is a mutual learning experience -- a journey. It involves having honest career-related conversations with a trusted resume writer and career professional to help you uncover and establish clear career goals and strategies to progress forward.

This piece sometimes surprises jobseekers -- especially the considerable amount of work involved in the resume building and writing process as well as career coaching.

If you are seeking for a new role this summer and need assistance with crafting your resume in order to stand out, here's what you need to know.

An Empowering Resume Building Strategy

The best resumes that I have created are a direct result of collaborative input by the client, asking the right questions, and applying a customized resume strategy while continually refining my resume writing skills to deliver service excellence.

Resume building involves sharing professional experiences, discussing marketable skills and both the milestones and challenges of your career. This means being accountable for tracking your past and current achievement timelines, education, community leadership, and core competencies. It entails addressing the simple and hard questions about your career that you need to answer with complete honesty. The resume building process will help you to understand what motivates and inspires you in your career and what milestones have you achieved that have enhanced your growth as well as the organization and your team.

Employers want to see results in order to differentiate what sets you apart.

My resumes distinctly focus on expressing accurate and solid results.

Discovering Your Unique Value and Career Goals

Through the resume building process, you may discover new and interesting qualities and insights about your unique value or career direction. You may likely recall cherished project or community achievements, but certain career patterns and themes -- some effective while others unproductive. And you may gain a clearer vision of further goals that you need to work on in order to keep growing and building your career.

Growth and innovation frequently involve taking risks, carefully weighing an array of choices and decisions, thinking creatively, consistently networking, and staying on top of your career development.

Various factors can impact your career decisions and goals, which are important to identify right from the beginning. Life transitions and personal motivations impact career choices. Your career path is not stagnant. The labour market is constantly evolving with rapid changes occurring in certain career fields and industries. The dynamic world of work is often seen as a "gig economy". Staying updated concerning labour market transformations and how they affect your career is important. Such changes may involve upgrading your education or training, refining your technological skills, rethinking your career perspective or your career mangeement approach, and reassessing your personal values and goals.

Establishing a clear focus is essential for defining and implementing a coherent resume building and career coaching strategy, especially in a career transition. It may be difficult to navigate this career transition on your own if you are changing to a new role, and especially when transitioning into both a new role and industry. The career transition process involves professional coaching and support including self-reflection, research gathering, career exploration, consistent networking, and monitoring your progress. Leveraging chance events and opportunities and then making improvements based on your observations plays an important role in smoothly navigating the career transition process.

Accountability and Self-Reflection: Answering Career-Related Questions

The key part of resume building involves strategic planning to capture the essence of critical, thought-provoking questions such as:

  • What is your unique value proposition / brand?

  • What are your personal values that you believe in? Your personal motto?

  • What are your particular specialties?

  • What is your company philosophy and style?

  • What type of companies / industry are you targeting?

  • What are the main challenges that you are experiencing at the moment?

  • What are your goals in the next 3 months? 6 months?

  • What are some challenges in your most recent role, strategies used to overcome these challenges, and the impacts that you have made (achievements).

Effectively addressing these questions requires ownership and accountability. With your honest input, some serious fact-finding, and a powerful resume strategy, your resume will portray a compelling brand marketing tool that will be read and noticed by employers.

If you want the best possible resume, then consider embracing the resume building process with full responsibility and trust your professional resume writer. Avoid second-guessing yourself by opting to write the resume yourself or repeating the same vicious cycle of applying for roles and experiencing little or no results. Invest in your future and your career growth.

The Fourth “C” of Successful Resume Building: Collaboration

Previously, I highlighted the "3 Cs" of an exceptional resume: clear target, conciseness, and compelling. There is a fourth “C” that impacts the other three “C” factors: COLLABORATION between the professional resume writer and client (you, the jobseeker).

Collaboration is, therefore, critical to a successful resume building process.

Resume building involves professionalism, cooperation, trust, integrity, and mutual respect between the professional resume writer and client–- which strengthen the resume building and career coaching process.

Are you prepared to engage in a collaborative resume building process to ultimately, discover your boundless career potential, milestones, and receive a stand-out resume?

If so, I am willing to help you to achieve your career goals.

Contact Creative Horizons Communications for more information on the collaborative resume building process and allow a passionate and experienced resume writer to help position you for your next level of career growth!

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