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Post-Interview: Maintaining Momentum

Careful, time-efficient preparation is essential throughout every step of the job search. Once you have secured and passed the phone interview stage, you will likely be invited to the first formal interview to meet with the hiring manager.

Even if an interview proves more challenging than anticipated, as a job candidate, you can still make it to the next interview round by taking proactive steps.

The common mistake that many candidates make though is resting too quickly on their laurels without considering a post-interview strategy.

Remember that you will need to careful manage each stage of the job search process and demonstrate why you are the ideal candidate.

Leveraging effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills and strategic planning along with valued professional networks are the keys to success.

Here are some effective tips to maintain momentum after the interview:

> Take time to reflect upon the positive aspects of the interview. Evaluate what went well and what you could have done better; note future strategies for improvement.

> Follow-up with a brief thank you letter with the hiring manager or key decision-maker. Emphasize your unique value and demonstrate how you align with the organization's values and goals.

Another oversight that candidates make is not following up on time or failing to follow up at all, but rather waiting for a response by the prospective employer.

> Immediate follow-up can increase your chances of securing the next round of interviews or landing a lucrative job offer while building a positive relationship with the employer. Timely follow up after the interview may likely elicit constructive feedback by the employer, which can take the job selection process to the next level.

> Continue to reiterate your interest. Remain optimistic and visualize the intended outcome. Employers hire candidates who have a keen interest in the targeted role and company, solid work ethic, excellent interpersonal skills, and clear focus.

> Candidates who demonstrate an effective fit with the organizational culture along with proven results in their achievements often take the lead.

> Candidates who are driven by a sense of purpose, focused on solving a unique challenge within the company or industry, are more likely to make a favourable impression on the employer.

> Submitting current, updated references often serves as the final confirmation to receiving a solid job offer and succeeding to the negotiation stage.

I have seen clients expedite their job search due to timely follow-up and relationship building. The candidate who builds and maintains a respected connection with the employer and shows how they can meet the prospective employer’s strategic goals (or buying motivators) will increase their chances of securing a lucrative job offer.

Take charge this spring with strategic interview coaching sessions that will revitalize your confidence and help you land your targeted role.

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