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Remain Accountable: Sustaining Job Search Motivation

For many jobseekers, the toughest part about job searching may not be the networking or meeting the required qualifications with relevant training, skills, or expertise, but their ATTITUDE and MINDSET.

I tend to see the following pattern quite often.

A jobseeker gets armed with all the right tools, including a branded resume package and has a particular job search strategy in place to eventually encounter peaks and troughs in their job search. A decline in motivation and even panic often follows.

What happened?

Lack of sustaining job search motivation.

Of course, no one ever said that job search would be a smooth process. These days, job search as the course of our careers often resembles a non-linear path. This is why it is imperative to seek motivational job search support.

Many clients who have adequate support systems experience greater success in their job search and land a role that they are passionate about than those who don’t have enough support.

Here are some tips for acquiring effective job search support:

  • Garner your family’s support throughout the job search process.

  • If you need to cut expenses because you’re unemployed, involve your family in helping you to think of and implement creative solutions to save money.

  • Remember that other people want you to be successful in your job search too, and they’re happy to help you attain your goals. They may have gone through challenging career transitions and job searches at one time or another.

  • Identify what type of support do you exactly need.

  • Do you need someone to motivate you? To cheer you on? To keep you accountable? What support you need will determine who you need to gain support from.

  • Evaluate: Who has helped you with your job search or career decisions in the past? Are they available to offer you help again? Find out what type of supports have worked for you in the past and if you can leverage similar supports again.

  • Invest in yourself. Resume writers, career coaches, interview coaches, and counsellors can help you achieve your career goals faster while helping you stay updated with current developments in your field and labour market trends.

Enlist an Accountability Partner

Identify and recruit an accountability partner — someone trustworthy and positive who will support, encourage, and motivate you in your job search.

Think Creatively and Strategically

  • Be your own coach for a moment -- put on a different hat.

  • Ask yourself, “If I were going to give someone else advice about how to have success in a job search, what would I recommend?”

  • Find — or begin a job search support group – align yourself with positive people who are goal-oriented and ambitious. Positive people influence us to succeed.

A Common Job Search Mistake: Failing to Network

Many jobseekers keep their job search too confidential, which hinders their chances at networking and securing rewarding career opportunities.

Make your job search public. Network actively.

Tell everyone you know what you’re working towards. They may be able to provide advice and support as well as morale boosting throughout your job search.

Joining a local career-related support group can be very helpful such as If you can’t find one in your area, research online. There are numerous job search support groups available online, through the Yellow Pages, or professional associations.

Adopt a Resilient Mindset

  • Encourage people to ask you about your job search progress.

  • Don’t get discouraged when they ask how you’re doing and you may have nothing new to report. Job search takes hard work, time, and dedication.

  • Find a job search partner who can understand exactly what you are experiencing. You can motivate each other to meet established goals.

  • Be confident that there is a job out there for you – and you will find one. Avoid getting frustrated. The higher the level of role, the longer the search may take.

  • Understand that timing is key in job searching.

  • Train yourself to think and act fast when faced with an opportunity. If you see what you want, don’t let the chance pass you by. Failing to leverage opportune timing can delay job search progress.

  • Stay committed to your job search goals -- be prepared to take action.

  • Practice visualization. You can achieve what you think you can. Visualize your success in the job search and picture yourself at your dream job.

  • Create your own vision board to reflect your goals – use sites such as or

  • Refuse to get stuck in the past. Be forward-thinking in your job search.

  • Acknowledge and be proud of your milestones.

  • Treat less than favourable career experiences as valuable lessons learned to move forward in a more growth-focused direction.

Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone for Growth

Remember – it’s normal to feel uncertain about changing jobs, but remember that all growth takes place outside your comfort zone and taking small risks at a time.

Motivate yourself by making a compromise. For instance, if you make three follow-up calls in one day, reward yourself. Set goals and then positively reinforce yourself for a job well done. Don't forget to stay healthy by eating right, exercising, and practicing mindfulness. This will help you to stay energetic and optimistic.

Mind Over Matter: Exercise Choice in Your Job Search

The important thing to keep in mind is to make healthy and empowering choices each day that will lead you closer to your dream job.

Stay focused on your career goal and remind yourself of your value. Leverage your unique value to set yourself apart.

Don't be afraid to reach out for help and support.

As a career coach, I often serve as a medium to helping my clients move past obstacles and other blocks in their job search.

I am always happy to support clients with job search support and equip them with the branding tools and resources to further their careers! Contact Creative Horizons Communications for more information and discover the latest product offerings on my website as enriching career tools to help further your career goals.

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