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Give Yourself a New Resume Package This Holiday Season

With the holidays fast approaching, as a jobseeker, you may be tempted to put your job search on hold. In fact, you may even want to delay the whole process until the New Year. Maybe you have saved up your money to purchase an investment or venture off to the relaxing Caribbean rather than tackling the inevitable – preparing for your next career transition within the right timing.

The timing is now...Career transitions can take three months to six months to even longer to plan and execute, depending upon the circumstances.

Imagine giving yourself a gift this holiday season that simply keeps on giving with a continuous return on investment to your unique professional brand. Consider for a moment that with this gift you wouldn’t need to wrap or unwrap the package. You wouldn’t need to exchange this gift either for anything of greater value – it belongs to only you and offers both long-term extrinsic and intrinsic value when marketed effectively. You could receive this entire package electronically -- within 10 days or sooner. While there's a cost involved, the long-term investment benefits are well worth it.

What is this gift?

THE RESUME PACKAGE, of course, – but not just any resume package – a fully customized resume package designed with the latest trends by a professional resume writer that will draw out your strengths and accomplishments. Without templates – all done from scratch.

By investing in a brand new resume package, you will receive at least 15 incentives:

  • Gain a clear understanding of your unique value and career direction.

  • Have an effectively written document that conveys a thoughtful story about you.

  • Review and celebrate your long forgotten and recent achievements.

  • Leverage a compelling brand new resume, cover letter, and reference sheet that serves as your personalized marketing portfolio to share.

  • Attend networking events, and in exchange, get contacted for interviews.

  • Let others know your true value and skills – BRAND “YOU”.

  • Use your new resume to conduct online networking on social media sites.

  • Accessorize your resume with a brand new design that makes you stand out.

  • Pair the resume package with a re-customized LinkedIn profile or interview coaching to fully prepare and empower you to make your next career move.

  • Land a lucrative job offer over the holidays – perhaps your DREAM JOB!

  • Gain added experience helping out in a seasonal job and earn extra money.

  • Prepare for unplanned career transitions before, during, or after the holidays.

  • Pass on your new resume to the HR manager to be considered for a new role or promotion.

  • Apply for a speaker role, as a leader of a board or committee, or a rewarding volunteering role in the community.

  • Post your resume on your website and expect to receive responses from interested candidates for a possible job offer.

  • Treasure your resume. Review it. Receive positive feedback. Have the resume updated.

When you consider the opportunity costs of not choosing to give yourself the gift of a new resume over any other gift, the advantages of having a new resume package clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

The common mistake that many jobseekers make: they delay getting their resume revamped until it’s too late, or until they are forced to make a career transition. With this unwise decision, belies a whole host of consequences that can hinder their career success and even delay rewarding career prospects.

Our career paths are anything but linear today.

Change is inevitable; job security is no longer in the hands of the employer.

Today's resume serves as a marketing passport to exciting career opportunities.

Give yourself the gift of a new resume package and receive double the rewards and return on investment.

What is a typical holiday gift worth? It depends.

If you are offered a dream job tomorrow and don’t have an updated resume, the actual cost of your resume may turn out to be priceless.

Contact Creative Horizons Communications to discuss how a Certified Resume Strategist can create your new resume package this holiday season and refresh your brand for the New Year.

Why delay?

Happy Holidays!

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