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  • Lori A. Jazvac

Approach Your Next Career Transition with Confidence and Empowering Support

Lori Jazvac Earns Career Transition Coaching Credential

Research consistently shows that more than 50% of professionals in the workforce are unhappy in their position. With so many professionals looking to make career changes but not knowing how to achieve their goals, career coaching is becoming increasingly important.

Do You Need Assistance with a Career Transition?

Now, Lori Jazvac, Certified Resume Strategist/Career Consultant of Creative Horizons Communications is better prepared than ever to provide professionals with a structured process toward determining their next career step, setting goals based on knowledge of themselves and the labour market, and proactively taking steps to realize their career goals.

Lori has completed a rigorous training program, earning the Certified Career Transition Coach (CCTC) credential from Career Thought Leaders Consortium – a certification that signifies a solid understanding of best coaching practices and career decision-making processes.

“My clients are facing steep challenges in the competitive employment market these days,” says Lori Jazvac. Many jobseekers are seeking a change – whether it involves transitioning from the public to private sector or to an entirely new niche, I strive to provide the best support for clients undergoing a complex career transition process. My investment in the CCTC (Certified Career Transition Coaching) credential means that my clients can approach career exploration with confidence, knowing that they will have the structure, flexibility, and resources they need to navigate a challenging career transition.”

"As an instructor and coach, Marie Zimenoff, M.Ed., NCC, NCRW, CCMC, CELDC, has been instrumental in offering me relevant knowledge to aid clients through addressing career change barriers for bridging the gap into a new career. Marie has inspired me with insightful resources and strategies for supportively guiding career changers through job search, resume writing, and interviewing for success."

Marie says, "Congratulations to Lori Jazvac for earning her Certified Career Transition Coach (CCTC) credential. You are an excellent coach who is dedicated to expanding your knowledge with practical tools to improve outcomes for your clients. Keep up the hard work!"

Creative Horizons Communications is a boutique firm specializing in offering customized resume packages, LinkedIn profiles, virtual interview coaching and career coaching. Lori Jazvac specializes in supporting entry-level and mid-level professionals, including those seeking guidance with planning a career transition.

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