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  • Lori A. Jazvac

Smart strategies to employ after the job interview

Where many jobseekers fail is not at the interview, surprisingly enough. The reason that jobseekers often do not receive job offers is not taking the necessary to steps to solidify their value after the job interview.

Ending a job interview takes more than just a thank you note to the prospective employer. If you think that you can rest on your laurels now you may need to reconsider your strategy. Before ending a job interview, ensure that you are a few steps ahead of the game by asking about “next steps.” Keep up to date on what happens next, when, and always follow-up with the prospective employer instead of playing the waiting game.

The first thing to do after an interview is send a thank you note – either via email, mail, or dropping a note off at the company in person the next day, which communicates a thoughtful gesture and enthusiasm. However, this is not the time to place all your bets on one sure thing, so to speak. Continue to apply for — and interview for — other positions even as you follow up on this interview.

Conduct a search on LinkedIn to identify an existing contact who works for the target employer, or someone you know who is connected with a current employee. Reach out to your network, especially if the contact works at your target company. This contact may be able to provide insight about the competition and your chances for a second interview.

While you wait for the next step, conduct a detailed salary research so you are equipped to negotiate your salary if you are offered the job. Be clear on what the typical salary is for the role, but know at what point you will accept the offer and be prepare to compromise tactfully, if necessary.

If the interview revealed any specific gaps in your skills or education, those can be addressed while you await a second interview; start preparing for that immediately. Continue to conduct research and prepare for the next round of interviews. The work does not stop just yet. Make a phone call to follow up. You may have to leave a voice mail message if you do not reach the hiring manager directly; be prepared to clearly communicate your message. Follow up, as appropriate, until you hopefully receive the next interview or a job offer. Be patient.

Visualize and affirm a positive outcome in the meantime. Positive thinking wins!

If, however, you discover that another candidate has been hired, this is your chance to ask for constructive feedback by the interviewer. Eliciting constructive feedback will help you improve your performance, re-think your strategy, and then work towards increasing your chances of solidifying a winning interview and a great job offer. Thorough preparation and research is the key to success.

For more information about the next steps to take after the job interview, contact Lori Jazvac, Certified Resume Strategist/Career Consultant.

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