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  • Lori A. Jazvac

What does your career roadmap look like?

Perhaps you were considering a resume makeover until a few weeks ago when you were informed by your boss that your contract position would be extended until next month. So you are perhaps buying some time. Or you may have been promoted but are waiting until the last minute to have your resume customized. Maybe you think that your career is well-mapped due to your fairly secure position in the meantime, and a resume makeover is not required. Smart decision? Not likely.

In any event, a fully updated resume will help you stay prepared and maintain your competitive edge. Imagine if you had a performance review and had no resume to back up your achievements. What if you suddenly met a new contact and he/she requested a resume to pass on to the hiring manager at another company where there is a long-term opportunity – your ideal role. But your resume still requires an update – which was due long ago.

You can never place your bet on one sure prospect. Within today’s competitive labour market, you always need to keep evolving your brand and staying current with career developments and trends. It’s all about proactive career management.

Strategic Planning & Career Mapping

So do you know what your career roadmap looks like six months from now? A year from now, or even five years? Time passes quickly; it needs to be spent wisely to avoid regrets or missed career opportunities.

Creating and evaluating a ‘career roadmap’ will help you take stock of your current strengths and the skills that you still need to develop, while helping you stay focused on your career goals. A career roadmap can actually help you see how far you have progressed and identify any patterns and challenges with your career development.

If you’re planning a career transition, you can identify and plan action strategies such as researching potential roles and industries, conducting informational interviews, and align your values and expertise.

There will be both career successes and challenges along the way, but together we can uncover creative solutions to moving forward in an empowering direction.

For more information on strategic career coaching sessions, contact Lori Jazvac at Creative Horizons Communications – Resumes at 905.730.2374 or email

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