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  • Lori A. Jazvac

Invest in a Complete Resume Makeover

Spring is just around the corner!

There are many changes occurring in the labour market, impacting some fields with relative growth, while in others restructuring, career transitions, and career challenges– not just locally, but across Canada and abroad. Being able to identify and keep up with various labour market trends is important for forecasting and strategic career planning. In fact, this year's theme of Career Professionals of Canada is 'The Year of the Regional Labour Market.'

According to the Financial Post, 2015 sparked the way for some powerful labour market trends that are continuing to shape our labour market:

  • Technical fields and science-based fields continue to be in greater demand.

  • Skill shortages and youth unemployment pose a challenge with a need for marketable skills-based training opportunities.

  • Employers' expectations are increasing with efforts to recruit “all-rounded employees” who possess a diverse skill set that fulfills their 'buying motivators. For example, leadership, creative problem solving, team collaboration, and social media expertise. Analytical and critical thinking skills are equally important as well.

  • Generation Z continues to bring further changes to the workplace, offering a new perspective that is reshaping the world of work. These “outside the box thinkers” will utilize multiple channels to uncover strategic solutions.

According to Workpolis, a recent article states that the top 25 jobs are in: Technology, Marketing, Healthcare, and Human Resources with a leading demand for data analysts/scientists. The reports ranks positions based on three factors: median salary, number of job openings, and career advancement opportunities.

The reality is that all regions and sectors are calling for highly skilled workers with sharp skills, especially in the manufacturing sector of southwestern Ontario and Western Canada’s energy sector despite falling oil prices.


So, the best thing that professionals can do is stay updated with the market trends. Secondly, keep your brand fresh starting with an updated resume or better yet – a portfolio – rather than waiting until a sudden expected change occurs. A Complete Portfolio Package to Help You Stand Apart

This month, Creative Horizons Communications – Resumes is offering a complete portfolio package: including resume with cover letter, reference sheet along with thank you letter, recruiter letter, and a professional one page biography. An addendum can also be incorporated into the package to showcase your selected achievements.

This complete package will equip you with the tools and resources that you need to stay prepared and aligned with your career development. A portfolio is not only an invaluable marketing package, but your evidence of demonstrated achievements for performance reviews, interviews, for new roles, and community leadership initiatives. It demonstrates your updated work history and experience, featuring your unique skills and talents and how they set you apart from other candidates.

Contact Lori Jazvac, Certified Resume Strategist/Career Consultant for more information at Creative Horizons Communications – Resumes.

And take your career to new heights!

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