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  • Lori A. Jazvac

Start the New Year right: Brand new resume makeover

Every end of year the clock strikes midnight which signals a critical time for new opportunities, growth, and change. Whether you are seeking to better yourself with additional training or invest in a brand new career, you know that it won’t happen overnight. Setting and establishing career goals takes time and a strategic plan that works. However, a Certified Resume Strategist/Career Consultant affiliated with Career Professionals of Canada can help you spearhead your professional success.

Part of an effective plan is having your resume customized and updated by a career professional. Resume makeovers are not only reserved for times when you are looking for a new job. According to CareerCast, a resume makeover is a wise long term career management strategy and one of the most important documents that are used as a primary marketing tool.

Every resume needs a makeover at least once every few months for 20 simple reasons:

  1. Represents the centerpiece of the job-hunting strategy and helps you stay organized

  2. Keeps your personal career brand fresh, creative, and purposeful

  3. Serves as a personal reminder of your developing skills and impressive achievements

  4. Provides a confidence booster and locus of control by tracking professional progress

  5. Keeps an accurate record of your work experience and academic achievements

  6. Maintains an accurate reflection of your developing skills and growth

  7. Helps you make strategic choices about further skill and training development

  8. Reflects on your key lessons and identify valuable development areas for higher learning

  9. Promotes increased self-understanding and reflection of your strengths and values

  10. Engage in further career planning and development; setting short term/long term goals

  11. Helps you to establish yourself in a focused and clearer career direction

  12. Prepares you for new career opportunities and exciting job leads aligned with your goals

  13. Catches the attention of hiring managers in a competitive market

  14. Helps your resume to stand out with fresh keywords and new resume trends and formats

  15. Illuminates your achievements quantitatively and qualitatively

  16. Highlights community leadership initiatives and other areas of your career trajectory

  17. Keeps track of exceptional achievements such as awards and honours

  18. Eliminates outdated skills and experience that can clutter a resume

  19. Helps you prepare for career changes, which means less stress and less preparation time

  20. Valuable marketing tool when considered for promotions or looking for a new job

As you can see there are at least twenty reasons why you should have your resume professionally customized as often as possible. A fresh resume makeover, including an updated LinkedIn profile, will offer you valuable insights into your own professional career development and help you plan for the future. You will better understand how to leverage your strengths and particular skills to your advantage.

Therefore, the more that you work with your strengths and passions, the more you will be content and productive. A brand new resume will help you identify certain patterns in your career and spot the workplace values that matter to you. The point is whether you are out job-hunting or not, the best time to update your resume is NOW.

For more information on professional resume writing services, contact Lori Jazvac, Certified Resume Strategist/Career Consultant at 905.730.2374 or via email at Remember the future lies in your hands!

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