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Work-life balance: Establish your own formula for success

I often hear the recurring theme of jobseekers desiring an optimum work-life balance.

Among our endless stream of emails and pile of tasks and projects waiting to be tackled, can we adopt a fine work-life balance and still achieve all our desired goals? Is this really possible? Some people agree while others beg to differ. These days, we need to face the inevitable – that we are given more than enough work to do and less time to do it. So how do we manage our time without getting stressed?

Strategies for Success

A recent article in the Globe and Mail advocated that conversely, there is no such thing as work-life balance. The article suggested determining what makes you happy and setting your own formula for success. Everyone's idea of "balance" will vary. Find your optimum combination of work, family, play, and contributing to the community – set your own formula for success.

Know yourself, your priorities and what works for you. Be prepared for life's unexpected turns and changes; remain patient and lead by example.

* Learn how others meet the stressful demands of home life while enjoying a rewarding and profitable career.

* Be flexible when taking on additional responsibilities – know when to delegate.

* With a positive, empowering approach and a little faith, you can find an innovative way to manage the art of multitasking.

* Know when to say "no" to some opportunities that may prove to be fruitless. Know your boundaries and follow your instincts, as they will guide you to juggling the demands of work and personal goals. If you are overwhelmed, formulate a more effective plan for change.

* Adopt opportunities that offer flexible hours to fulfill other goals and interests.

* Make sure that the organization you choose to work with emulates a "people first" culture that emphasizes authenticity, team collaboration, and win-win problem solving to identifying solutions.

* Perhaps your place of employment offers a gym or a relaxation room to work out during your lunch. Having more flexibility or control over your position can also decrease stress by being less micro-managed. Friday barbecues or monthly company picnics featuring sports activities may be a great opportunity to integrate quality family time and physical fitness, allowing for networking.

Jobseekers, always be sure to explore and research the company you are interested in working for concerning their values, mission, and history. This will give you an indicator as to what the company can offer, how you can clearly contribute to the organizational mission, but also how that company values work-life balance.

Ask yourself, "Does this company's vision and mission align with my particular beliefs and values, including work-life balance?"

The answer to this question lies in determining your fit within the organization and the respective position. It also may save you time and stress of having to frequently change jobs.

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