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  • Lori A. Jazvac

Welcome to CareerPro Conference 2015 during Canada Career Week in November!

In November, I look forward to facilitating the chat during the Career Pro Conference 2015 on “Marketable Skills for the Future.”

As a dedicated member of Career Professionals of Canada and member of the CPC CareerPro Conference Planning Team, I encourage all career practitioners to participate in this exciting virtual event which will take place starting November 2nd-6th. The event is open for registrants and will include over 40 webinar presentations, facilitated chats, and online discussions confirmed. You can participate at your convenience on your timetable from your home or office.

This year, set some time for “Canada Career Week” to engage in a professional development retreat with other professionals and colleagues. Enjoy five days of networking without any travel expenses. Gain valuable information, insights and tips from career professionals and set your goals higher towards career success. Get informed about new labour market trends and career developments on the horizon. Understand the value of marketable skills and how they impact your career development.

Sareena Hopkins of the Canadian Career Development Foundation will be delivering our keynote presentation. Paula Wischoff-Yerama will be presenting a certification information session on behalf of Canadian Council for Career Development and our provincial associations. These are just some of the career professionals that will be featured. There is a lot more in store for your enrichment.

For a complete list of speakers, visit

To reserve your spot without delay, visit

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