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The Value of a Career Strategist

Competition in the workforce is fiercer than ever.

Employers' expectations are continuously increasing along with changing technology and the nature of work. Those once declared permanent roles are being increasingly shifted to contract, consulting, and project related work. Many industries are experiencing restructuring or changes which call for strategic measures. Professionals are working longer hours and investing in more time with career development.

Thus, the career search involves a different strategy such as leveraging social media networks and showcasing your personal brand to demonstrate your true capabilities. Today's career journey requires a complete change in attitude and mindset with respect to one's personal meaning of career. Values, goals, interests, and beliefs as well as organizational culture are becoming significant to professionals. Thus, these components seem to either drive or deter professionals away from some positions.

Career coaches and resume writers are definitely an added value in today's competitive job market when it comes to accelerating your competitive edge. A professional career strategist/resume writer can thoughtfully pinpoint a jobseeker's strengths and value proposition, which is often difficult to do from the standpoint of the jobseeker. When we are standing from a subjective position, we cannot see what sets us apart. However, there are many components that drive our career success and reflect added value to an employer.

A career strategist can customize a coherent and focused resume and LinkedIn profile. A career strategist can also provide valuable tools and resources while supporting you in confidently addressing and navigating any foreseeable obstacles in your career path.

We can all think of many reasons to take our own career into our hands. However, doing the same thing over and over again without achieving results will lead to further delays and frustration.

Take charge this year! Obtain a fresh, new perspective on your career to get it back on track and empower yourself! Contact Creative Horizons Communications and enlist my career services -- take your career farther than imagined.

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