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Important Insights for Senior Level Executives

Customizing a résumé for a senior level executive is somewhat different than customizing one for a new graduate or entry level position. The career targets will be quite different, as well as the level of expertise and spectrum of achievements for a senior level executive.

The simple truth of the matter is that many senior level executives have not required a résumé in a long time, which means that their résumé is possibly outdated. However, they may be also not up to date with the newer formats and styles. Today`s resume is typically scanned in a few minutes and must capture those relevant key words and achievements. Further, prospective employers may have a higher set of expectations when it comes to hiring senior level executives due to greater responsibilities that they must fulfill to meet operational objectives.

Because social media networking is an important part of today’s job search and career success, many head-hunters, human resources managers, and recruiters will be searching online for the profile of a senior level executive. Online branding and reputation management become critical components of career development and maintenance. Essentially, branding links your passions, key personal attributes, and strengths with your value proposition in a clear message that differentiates you from your competition while aligning with your target audience. What distinguishes your unique value from your job seeking competitors will showcase your talents and added value.

Here are some important strategies for senior level executives:

  • Incorporate a clear, focused target in your résumé that is clearly communicated throughout the résumé along with a summary profile that provides a snapshot of your expertise.

  • Implement a plan to showcase your brand. Some professionals unintentionally neglect the personal branding component. However, in a competitive job market, personal branding is critical to increasing your visibility and showcasing your capabilities and accomplishments.

  • Lead your executive résumé and LinkedIn profile with your unique personal brand statement that effectively highlights your offerings and value proposition.

  • Ensure that your résumé and LinkedIn emphasize your respective achievements. Support high impact statements with concrete and factual evidence. Think in Situation – Action – Results, including qualitative and quantifiable results.

  • Tell your career success stories in an inspiring manner. A résumé is not a comprehensive career history. A résumé is a strategic marketing document that needs to capture the attention of decision makers.

  • Be mindful of the fact that your prospective employer may be reviewing your résumé on a different platform other than their PC. This means that the résumé needs to be readable, accessible, and impressive, including mechanics, design, style, and formatting.

  • The résumé needs to be detailed but concise.

  • Showcase your achievements further by offering a portfolio of your work along with credible testimonials.

  • Enlist support from an employment strategist for interview coaching to help empower you for your next interview and negotiate a lucrative offer.

Rather than tackling the challenge of customizing your own résumé package and portfolio, consult a Certified Résumé Strategist/Employment Strategist and Member of Career Professionals of Canada to help you further your career objectives.

Lori Jazvac is a dedicated member of Career Professionals of Canada and a Certified Resume Strategist, Certified Employment Strategist, and Certified Human Resources Professional, designing resumes and various business documents for professionals of all levels, including senior executives.

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