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  • Lori A. Jazvac

The road to success is paved with some obstacles

What hinders some may actual propel others forward.

Whether it is a downsizing, layoff, or even a rejection in job offer, often jobseekers allow their frustrations to get the better of them. What we do not always realize is that we are positioned in most cases where we are supposed to be for a good reason.

Perhaps that downsizing years ago has prompted you to take another direction – a more empowering one to start your own business, go back to school, or relocate to another city. When we encounter obstacles in our path, they really are signs alerting to us to a greater truth about our potential strengths and a more purposeful direction in life.

If you are lacking in education or a certain credential, why allow that one factor to deter you from attaining success? Rather work towards your goal – one step at a time each day – and stay focused on your aim.

Believe wholeheartedly that you can and will achieve your goals.

Effective techniques such as visualization and positive affirmations can help you as a professional to not only visualize your success each day, but affirm that it is in the process of manifesting. This approach redirects the energy in the right direction to help you focus your resources to achieve that desired goal by taking action.

Sometimes, we want success but our underlying belief systems may pose a conflict with moving forward. While you may have outstanding skills and the expertise, ask yourself what is your confidence level like? Do you truly believe that you deserve to have success, and do you think you can achieve and sustain it?

Our underlying values and beliefs are often at the root of our success. Write down as part of your vision, your ideal career and the qualities that make up a satisfying career. What qualities are must-haves, and which ones would be beneficial, but not a necessity? Understand what you require personally to be satisfied in your career. Realizing your professional needs will help you to stay aligned with your mission.

Once you have compiled this list, you may be surprised to note how different your vision may actually be from your current reality. Pay attention to what you envision yourself doing in your career and your dreams, as they are the subconscious revelations of your purpose and passion!

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