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The Value of Interview Coaching

Many jobseekers put a lot of effort and ambition into the resume process and applying. How many times have you actually reached the interview phase to only find out that another candidate has beaten them at the job search game. Is there a secret to interviewing? It very well lies in interview coaching.

You may be surprised to know that we each have our own ways of connecting with the interviewer that work for us. However, an Interview Coach may help you to gain the confidence needed and to tap into your own strengths. Very often, we may feel intimidated by interviews because we are unsure of our strengths and even our contributions in our career thus far.

An interview coach is the best person to prepare a job seeker for the interview through offering resources, tips and a concrete strategy for approaching the interview. An interview coach can help you discover how to transform your weaknesses into strengths and how to answer those challenging questions that may leave you baffled.

The secret to interviewing is practice, preparation, and ultimately knowing yourself and what value you can bring to the employer and the organization. A successful interview is not only dependent upon the verbal communication but also non-verbal communication which often speaks louder than words. In fact, do not be surprised to find out that employers look for subtle non-verbal cues that reveal interest or even boredom. Many candidates are not even aware of their non-verbal communication which is something that I bring to my clients' attention.

Another aspect to interviewing is also exploring the organization beforehand and understanding the reasons for applying and wanting to work for that company. Not having a clear focus in your career is often communicated in the interview and leaves many candidates screened out. Employers want to hire professionals that are assured of their value proposition and can offer that to the employer and organization. An employer also assesses your team collaboration quotient and interpersonal skills to determine how well can you work with their colleagues and are you the right FIT?

Having a few reference letters and an impressive portfolio of your work or a link to a site can enhance your credibility and showcase your talents.

The interview is an avenue for the candidate to be interviewed but it is also an opportunity to "interview" the employer. You want to work for an organization that presents a values-driven approach and aligns with your mission and vision. Before you even approach the interview, you must fully explore yourself, your needs and wants, and the organization as well as the industry. Know what your goals are short term and long term as well as what you are willing to live with as in salary and other qualities and what you cannot. It could mean the difference between being satisfied or dissatisfied in your career.

We spend 70% of our time at our jobs, even more these days in some cases. Why leave something as interviewing on the backburner when you can gain the empowerment to succeed. Call an interview coach and invest in your future today.

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