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10 Mistakes You Could Be Making in Your Job Search

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Job search can seem complex, but really it isn't. When you think about it, if 80% of jobs are not posted online, then you need to be spending at least 25%-30% of your time networking and leveraging the hidden job market.

The irony is that we have all have made job search mistakes out of a desire to secure a stable income, to highlight our value, and to outshine the competition.

When it comes to job search, you need to think outside the box, which means seeking opportunities that are not advertised, which will enhance your competitive advantage.
The goal is to highlight and articulate your value and apply to a company and a role that is suited for you and aligns with your vision, mission, and values.

The 10 Don'ts of Job Search

¨ Don’t just apply for advertised opportunities. Just because you haven’t seen an advertised opening for your dream job doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!

¨ Give considerable thought to what your dream job looks like — where do you want to work, and what do you want to do?

¨ Don’t send generic résumés and cover letters. Put simply, generic does not work. Custom resumes and cover letters showcase your value and inform the employer why you would be a great fit for the role and their company.

¨ Don’t confuse activity with action. Make sure the time you’re spending on your job search is focused on high-value activities, like identifying and researching companies you’d like to work for, not just applying for jobs online. Otherwise, you could be wasting precious time on non-value added activities.

¨ If you’re stuck in your job search, make a change! One definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If what you’re doing isn’t working, do something different.

¨ Don’t forget that people still hire people. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with technology in the job search, but the key is connecting with the right person at a company who can help you get hired.

¨ Don’t give up too soon! The average length of time for a job search has steadily increased over the past few years. Don’t be discouraged if it takes days — or weeks — to land a second interview … or a job offer.

¨ Spend the right amount of time on your job search. You have to invest time in getting your résumé prepared, applying for positions, following up — but not so much time that you neglect the other parts of your life. Hanging out with friends might lead to a networking contact that can help you land an interview!. Volunteering might present you with an opportunity to refine your skills and explore other career prospects.

¨ Remember to seek professional support along the way. Most jobseekers don’t have the skills to write their own résumé — just like most people don’t have the skill to cut their own hair, or sew their own clothes. A specialist can provide a shortcut!

¨ Don’t forget to thank the people who help you along the way. Thanking your supporters or champions now will help ensure they are willing to assist you again the next time you’re looking for a new opportunity. It will also ensure that you keep the door open to new and exciting opportunities while building and sustaining your network.

If you are seeking support with your job search, just email or visit

Think creatively and visualize a new career horizon!

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