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Busting the Typical Resume Myth: Are You Concerned About Resume Length?

Recently, I was speaking with a client who insisted that her résumé needs to be only one page. A friend of hers enrolled in a one-day course that stressed the importance of every résumé being one page. MYTH... So I viewed her original résumé condensed to one page with an appealing design and articulate summary, yet lacking in the two critical factors employers want to see –– value as well as leadership accomplishments -- both qualitative and quantitative. It is not uncommon to encounter such résumé myths that can are widely debated among people that hear or read about "best résumé practices on the internet. There is no firm résumé length rule. There are, however, key factors to consider when

Job Applications: What to Include in Your Email to the Hiring Manager

So, you have the résumé and cover letter all polished and ready to go. ...But there’s just one thing. Before you even send your cover letter and résumé... What should you say in your email to the employer? This procedure of writing a formal email when applying for a job may sound straightforward, but so many job applicants get stumped by this part because it is the very first communication that the employer will see and read. The email is an important attention-grabbing message to the employer when applying for a job. Remember, it could sway the employer to read your documents or screen them out altogether! Your goal is to formulate a positive impression and communicate effectively in a wa