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How You Can Turn Your Side Hustle into a Rewarding Career

Decades ago, there seemed to be a clear-cut line between a hobby and career. Numerous baby boomers leveraged an uncompromising work ethic in a factory setting where they often enjoyed good job security, a steady paycheck, and fairly consistent career progression. Their work life though was often kept separate from their hobbies and interests. Fast-forward several years later, the paradigm has shifted. Many people nowadays are turning their hobbies and past-times into rewarding careers while making money and having fun. The lines are often blurred between career and hobbies. In 2013, I channelled my passion for writing and helping people into a full-time career. Creative Horizons Communicatio

Robust Strategies to Maximize your Luck and Career Success

Have you ever caught yourself wishing you had an executive career like one of your colleagues, a cushy corner office downtown, abundant travel opportunities, or the attractive paycheck? Maybe you want to change industries or leap into an exciting role that allows you more flexibility, creativity, or quality time to simply enjoy life. Simply put, the grass often looks greener on the other side. Is prestige and status calling you to rethink your career plan after some professional struggles? A more lucrative offer may have you reconsidering your lifestyle choices -- perhaps wanting to move across the other side of town or across the other side of the ocean. Holistically speaking, career choice

Why Your New Resume is Top Priority Regardless of Your Career Situation

Just when is the best time to get your résumé re-customized? Should you postpone the résumé-building process for another few weeks or month or two... or even a year? ...if you have a few interviews lined up soon? ...if you feel "secure" in your current role? ...if you are not currently looking for a new role? ...or even if you have just landed a new promotion and have no reason to worry...? BUT WAIT...THINK AGAIN. Would you cancel your heating/air conditioning maintenance plan because you assume that your heating and A/C will work properly all year round? Would you stop upgrading your home because it's fairly new and you prefer a low-maintenance approach with renovations? DEFINITELY NOT. Sim