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Is Your Job Causing You Stress: Break Out of the Vicious Cycle

Both of my parents worked rotating shifts in a noisy factory setting in Steeltown Hamilton. The pay was good. There was plenty of work and job security for those who leveraged a relentless work ethic and determination to get ahead. While they tried to always eat healthy, get some exercise, and maintain an active spiritual life, working shifts often disrupted their mood, sleep, and circadian rhythms –– not to mention –– work-life balance. If you currently work shifts or have worked shifts in the past, does this perpetual cycle seem familiar? Work –– sleep –– work –– work –– work –– loss of sleep –– fatigue –– stress –– increased stress –– potential health concerns. Shift work has been known

50 Super Tips to Start 2019 & Your Career on an Empowering Note

It’s December! While you may think of the holidays as a time to get things done, it is also a time to celebrate milestones. However, for many, the month of December spells a time of serious planning and reflection precipitated by performance review time -- a chance to tackle your next promotion you've worked so hard for. If you’ve found yourself pondering on how to propel your career forward, there is hopeful news. Those who have persevered throughout the year will reap the rewards next year. By realizing your unique value, working with a career professional to position you in the right direction and establish a concrete plan, you can confidently achieve your desired goals. What works for yo