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Welcome to Creative Horizons Communications!

Your one-stop holistic career services provider based in Halton offering you strategic solutions to enhance your career success using a virtual, innovative approach.

Since 2013, Lori Jazvac has been serving thousands of jobseekers of all fields and levels across the globe while positioning them for their next career move. She specializes in Master-level résumé writing, LinkedIn Profile writing, holistic NLP-based coaching, interview coaching, and more.

>> Are you seeking guidance with your career transition?

>> Do you want a résumé portfolio that sets you apart?

>> Are you looking for objective career advice that you can count on by a trusted career professional?

>> Do you need strategic, customized career tools and resources?

You've come to the right place!

Whether you are an entry-level professional, mid-level professional, executive, or career changer seeking to navigate your next career transition, we can help you achieve your career goals!

Contact Lori Jazvac for more information at 905.730.2374 or email

Visit the blog site and career news and publications on the Career Professionals of Canada website.

Learn more about my award-winning A-B-C-D Strategy.




News & Publications on CPC (Career Professionals of Canada)


View these links to published posts on Career Professionals of Canada for updated knowledge and resources on career related developments and issues.


- Hello Generation Z : Embracing a new approach to the changing world of work

- Are the expectations of new graduates changing as they enter the new world of work?

- The Follow-Up Letter: The Forgotten Career Search Tool

- Does the Functional Resume Really Work?

- The Phone Interview: A Valuable Screening Tool

- Why you should not skip the cover letter

- How effective are career and personality assessments?

- Marketable Skills for the Future

- Contacting Recruitment Firms & Employment Agencies

- Addressing Career Related Obstacles in the Interview

- Strategically Addressing Past Work Experience in the Resume

- Your Client's Career Transition in the Current Economy

- Informational Interviews: A valuable networking tool  for career transitions

- Mitigating Obstacles and Barriers for Newcomers

- Become a True Career Professional in 2016

- Your Attitude Impacts Your Job Search

- Supporting Newcomers to Canada

- The Labour Market is Changing and so is the Workplace

- The New Resume: Brand Engineering

- Thoughtfully Portray Your Client's Story in the Resume's Career Summary

- Emotional Intelligence: A Marketable Skill for Career Success

- Certification in the Career Field:  A Wise Investment

- Do you practice handshaking with your clients?

- How advanced resume training helped me innovate

- Tips for Branding: the Cornerstone of your Career Service

- Ten Tips for Starting Your Own Career Business

​- What Recruiters Want

- Generation Z Enters the Labour Market

- Embracing the Face of Dynamic Change

- The Growing IT Market: Building Powerful Resumes for IT Professionals

- Help Your Client Discover their "Soul Career" and Stop the Vicious Cycle of Job-Hopping

- From Chaos to Clarity: The Chaos Theory of Careers

- Unleash Your Full Potential through Interactive Online Learning

- Why ethics are crucial to delivering career services in today's market

- Gain A Competitive Edge With your CDP

- How Maslow's Theory Stands Up Today

- Certification in the Career Field: A Wise Investment

- Understand Employment Strategy and You'll Write Superior Resumes

- Workplace Flexibility on the Rise

- Case Study: How Language Impacts New Immigrant Outcomes

- How to Build Your Client's Resilience During Tough Times

- Interview Practice: A Perfect Summer Activity

- The Secret to Alleviating Job Search Stress: Yoga

- Positioning Clients to Excel in Their Performance Reviews

- 10 Ways to Help Clients Find Meaning in their Careers

- Incorporate a Powerful Career Narrative in Resume Building

- Helping Clients Identify their Ideal Workplace Culture

- Are You Up to Date on the Many Benefits of CPC Membership?

- Supporting Mental Wellness in the Workplace

- Do You Make Assumptions About Clients?

- Helping Clients Succeed in the Gig Economy

- Ten Resume Tips from Best Canadian Resumes

- The Benefits of Partnering with a Professional Association

- Lori Jazvac MCRS: Newest Member of an Elite Professional Group

- Are You a Voice of Inspiration for Your Clients?

- Be Your Clients' Champion

- 10 Tips for Uncovering and Showcasing Your Clients' Accomplishments

- Volunteerism: The Vehicle for Driving Change in the Community 

- Employing  a Creative, Holistic Approach to Interview Preparation

- How to Help Clients Turn Office Politics into Positive Outcomes 

- How to Transform Your Clients into Preferred Candidates

- The Power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Transforming Careers and Lives

- Help Clients Circumvent Honeymoon Hangover

- The Power of Alchemy: Helping Clients Recover from Downsizing

- This Canada Career Month, Let's Talk About Career Growth & Meaning

Help Clients Navigate Change and Positively Embrace a New Year

- T.O.T.E Your Way to Greater Success

- Ghosting During a Job Search: How to Help Clients

- Mindfulness: A Powerful, Transformative Skill

- Book Review: Mindfulness in 8 Weeks

- Global Crisis: A Wake-Up Call to Raise Our Consciousness 

- How Advanced Resume Training Helped Me Innovate

- Raise Your Paw -- Submit a Nomination for a CPC Award of Excellence

- Informational Interviews: A Valuable Networking Tool for Career Transitions

- Interview Practice: A Perfect Summer Activity

- Bias Is A Four-Letter Word

Work-Life Balance is Possible: 10 Simple Strategies

- A Holistic Approach to Wellness: Why It Matters

- Helping Clients Maintain Focus and Productivity 

- Social Justice and Career Development

- What is the Difference Between a Coach and a Counsellor

- Ten Tips for a Victorious Client Experience 

- Seven Tips for Navigating Career Development Theory in 2021 and Beyond

- Using Metaphor to Unlock Career Narratives: The Sailboat Metaphor

- How to Craft the Best Canadian Resume 

- Ten Tips for Supporting Clients in Career Transition During the Holidays

- Ten Strategies to Help Your Client Winterize their Career

- The Great Shift: How Career Practitioners Can Support Their Clients

- Five Necessities for Navigating the Changing World of Work

- Essential Tools to Have in a Career Treasure Chest

- The Power of Reframing: Helping Clients Think Differently about Work

- The Value of Cultural Intelligence

- The Comfort Zone Factor: How to Help Clients Embrace Change 

- Anger: How to Rechannel it for Self-Reflection and Self-Regulation

- Learning Quotient (LQ): What It Is, Why It's Important

- Gaslighting in the Workplace: How to Help Your Clients

Trauma-Informed Care: A Necessary Skill for Career Professionals

Case Management: Why Note-Taking Matters

 - Wage Impacts of the Great Resignation

- How to Help Clients Deal with a Toxic Work Environment

- Why You Need to Join Career Professionals of Canada (CPC)

- Members Matter! Meet Lori Jazvac

- How to Help Clients Navigate a Potential Recession

- How to Help Clients Strengthen their Work Ethic

 - AI: What Does It Mean for the Future of Work

- Meet CPC Member of the Week: Lori Jazvac

- Let's Get Real About the Trend of Rage Applying

- What Clients Should Know About Navigating Zombie Firms

- The Importance of Maintaining a Living Resume

- How to Help Jobseekers Tackle Job Search Depression

- Are Your Clients Running a Side Gig on Company Time?

- How to Help Clients Deal with Nepotism in the Workplace

- Continuous Learning - Why It's Important for Jobseekers 

- Labour Market Info (LMI): How to Support Jobseekers in Navigating LMI


- Featured in Readers' Choice Awards - Business and Professionals Categories

-TOP TEN -  Best Employment Services, Best Life Coach, and Best Life Coaching

- Featured in Congratulations to our 2017 Awards of Excellence Recipients

- Featured in: Congratulations to our 2016 Awards of Excellence Recipients...

- Interview strategies featured in Video: Using Relaxation Skills to Improve Your Interviews by Teacher Linda G. Robert

"Congratulations to Lori Jazvac for her excellent work as a content contributor for the CPC News Feed and the CAREERPRO Conference. Lori has researched and crafted blogs regarding labour market trends, best resume practices, and industry-related news. She has also worked diligently to review the technology and content for the conference."    -- Executive Director, CPC

Sneak Peek CareerPro 2016: Watch a Preview Session Free

Maximizing Your Virtual Career Conference Experience

- Featured in "What Every Resume Needs to Succeed"

- Featured in "Overcoming Interview Anxiety"

- Featured in: Career Pros Share Resume No-No's


Cambridge Times

CareerPro Conference

The Employment Journey on PEI

ERIEC (Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council)

CERIC (Canadian Education & Research Institute for Counseling) 

CAVEWAS (Canadian Assessment, Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Society)

CCEPP (The Community Career and Employment Partnership Project)!


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